10 Avengers You Probably Never Knew Existed

10 Avengers You Probably Never Knew Existed
10 Avengers You Probably Never Knew Existed

Marvel’s Avengers got the worldwide recognition that none of the other superhero films has got before. Avengers made the whole “superhero” franchise mainstream and made Ironman and Spiderman a household talk.

What many may not know is that many Avengers (from the comic books) never made it to the big screen. Here we have made a list of ten Avengers you have never heard of-

#10 Gilgamesh The Forgotten One

Gilgamesh was actually an Eternal who was thrown out for meddling in mortal affairs. But ultimately, he ends up teaming with the avengers. He does lose his life in a battle by he is reborn and recovers from the mental scars along with Hercules (they become roommates!)

#9 Captain Britain (Lionheart)

When Cap joined the Avengers, he was not Brian Baddock. It was originally Kelsey Leigh, a single mom. But when she was reborn, she was reincarnated as Brian

#8 Sandman’s shift between good and evil

You may know him as SpiderMan’s greatest enemies but he does become good and joins the Avengers. Guess who changed his mind? Fantastic Four’s Thing!

#7 Sersi and her erratic behaviour

She was also an Eternal like Gilgamesh but was way more rogue than him! Her time with the Avengers was brief and turbulent.

#6 Silverclaw despite her heartwarming backstory

10 Avengers You Probably Never Knew Existed
10 Avengers You Probably Never Knew Existed

A child born of a human father and a volcano goddess in a small Costa Verde village, she was placed into an orphanage upon the death of her father. She was “discovered” by Jarvis and recruited as an Avenger.

#5 Doctor Druid the psychologist

He was actually a double agent when he joined the Avengers but later he realises how shameful his actions were and proceeds to fake his own death.

#4 Living Lightning, the member of the other teams

Living Lightning, aka Miguel Santo, joined the Great lake Avengers by mistake as thought GLA stood for Gay-Straight Alliance! But he does turn out to be a lovable character.

#3 Two-gun kid who travelled through time

Originally from the 1870s, Two-gun kid time travelled with Hawkeye to explore the future when he struck up the alliance with the Avengers. He would go on to travel back and forth to save the world on multiple occasions.

#2 Firebird the social worker

This part-time social worker is best known for her empathy and has saved many lives because of it. She even stopped Hank Pym from committing suicide!

#1 Triathlon and his enhanced spiritual enhancement

Eventually, he came into contact with the Avengers and was pushed to gain membership by his benefactors. His membership was short and characterized by the outing of the Triune Understanding as a front for an alien invasion. He would later change his name to the 3-D Man upon leaving the team.

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