10 Controversial Anime Villains Who Shouldn’t be as Popular as they are-

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In the recent past Anime Villains successfully attracted the attention of not only the children but also the adult group. The irony here is that though they are Villains they have created a huge fan base. These evil characters have fabulous popularity among the public and are celebrated heroes in the lives of many people. Even in some cases, they are loved more than the actual heroes!

1) Dio Brando(Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure)- Amid the questionable acts done by him in past, Dio remained an all-time favourite of a large chunk of the audience!

2) Ryuk(Death Note)- Even being an Antagonist in the series Ryuk attracted the attention of that of a Hero because of his high ambitions to kill the Light which he successfully did by the end.

3) Grimmjow Jaegerjaqez(Bleach)- His fiery personality brought him so close to one’s heart that his fans even demanded that he should have aptly been a fabulous ally and rather than an enemy.

4) Itachi Uchiha(Naruto)- Though being a spiky figure he was credited for his sacrificial nature when he took hatred upon himself to let his brother come to power.

5) Furuta Nimura(Tokyo Ghoul)- His swampy and salty personality perfectly masked with his edgy appearance made him highly acceptable figure though he ought not to be so.

6) Envy(Fullmetal Alchemist)- This little monstrous character are extremely dear to the fans who tend to forget that he is the one who brutally killed the beloved Maes Hughes.

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7) Dabi(My Hero Academia)- He has been the most ‘misunderstood villain’ which fans can’t avoid due to his spiky and fire-eating personality.

8) Izaya Orihara(Durara!)- His contributions in creating the background chaos with his trickster personality favoured him to be an all-time favourite!

9) Ulquiorra Cifer(Blech)- Though being an Antagonist his cold and calculating personality and mindset earned him huge credits from the fans.

10) Hisoka(Hunter X Hunter)- He is often referred to as the anti-hero due to his character design and physical appearance although being utterly insane!

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