10 Controversial Marvel Comics That Aren’t Canon Anymore

10 Controversial Marvel Comics That Aren't Canon Anymore
10 Controversial Marvel Comics That Aren't Canon Anymore

Though Marvel is quite successful overall, it doesn’t mean that it has never had its own share of controversial and dumb ideas. Here we have made a list of a few of those cannons we will never be seeing anymore.

Heroes are Reborn

In an attempt to revive the true characters of our superheroes, The Avengers and Fantastic Four were shunted off into a pocket universe, rebooted by Jim Lee and Rob Liefeld, with the hopes of kickstarting sales. But the idea did not work out and after Liefeld dropped out of the project, the whole story was forgotten.

Marriage of Peter Parker and Mary Jane

SpiderMan is especially loved for his quirks as a young boy, which many fans can relate to. But when Peter got married, it made him look way older, making his usual antic look way out of character. So Marvel decided to undo the marriage, causing a great break in the story arc.


In the early 2000s, Marvel decided to make a comic focused mainly on young Aunt May and Uncle Ben along with Peter’s Parents. It also went on to suggest that Aunt May maybe Peter’s mother. This disgusted fans.

10 Controversial Marvel Comics That Aren't Canon Anymore
10 Controversial Marvel Comics That Aren’t Canon Anymore

Marvel Superheroes: Contest of the Champions

Shamrock, an Irish superhero with the superpower of bending odds to favor her. Her character turned out to be a bunch of stereotypes and fans made sure she remained forgotten. 

SpiderMan Reign

This follows an old Spiderman who mourns the death of Mary Jane Watson, who died due to cancer, which she got because Peter Parker’s bodily fluids were also irradiated by the spider that bit him. The comic was as revolting as the plot.

Bishop as villain

The X Man was supposedly from the future trying to kill off Hope Summers, making him more like a badly written character than the anti-hero they were aiming to create. But when the reception was not well, Marvel managed to take Bishop back to X Men and never bring him back.

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