10 Details In DCEU Posters Directly Inspired By The Comics


DC Extended Universe is known for the amazing posters it makes for the upcoming movies. Though they don’t really seem to have a predefined format and they’re style has been evolving over the years, they do maintain a consistent inclusion of easter eggs and other accents from the comics.

Here we have made a list of ten posters where the comic’s aesthetics were incorporated.

Man of Steel: Fortress of Solitude

The flowing red cape and the iconic Superman logo have been added to the poster along with the Fortress symbolising his Kryptonian past.

Batman V Superman: World’s Finest

The poster sported Superman logo encased in Batman’s iconic symbol in bright red color. Even the standoff of both the titans is a direct inspiration from the comics.

Wonder Woman: Gauntlets

This poster managed to flaunt Princess Diana’s quintessential Lasso of Truth and her trademark armour as mentioned in the comics. It also features the gauntlets. They are used in the comics as a symbol for Diana for being a protector of the innocent.

Justice League: Formation

We see Batman occupy the centre position of the poster with the rest standing beside him on both the sides. This also symbolises Superman’s five sided logo who is no more in DCEU.

Suicide Squad: Comic Iconography

The whole aesthetic of Suicide Squad is a mix of the comic book style and shots from the live action film. The same applies for this poster as well. The background also has onomatopoeia of other characters.

Aquaman: Classic Look

This was the first movie to design the costume of the superhero just like it was mentioned in the comic book. The movie also did the perfect job of teasing his teal and gold look with Neptune’s trident.

Shazam: Transformations

The poster of this movie has done the perfect job of keeping all the character’s younger and adult versions in the lightning bolt hinting the origin of their powers.

Birds of Prey: Team Abilities

We see Black Canary’s mouth open wide as if she is letting out the comic book scream and and Montoya has her fists at the ready in a stance the Question often takes. Such small details give the poster a comic-esque scene.

Wonder Woman 1984: The Gods

The bright background of the poster reminds us of both the 80s and the gods mentioned in the comics. Many claim that it may represent the godly parentage of Princess Diana.

The Suicide Squad: Call Sheet

The poster itself and the images used for each character is actually something used in the comics. Often at the start of big stories, the characters are recapped in tiny bubbles so new readers can stay up to date. This poster seems to replicate that idea.

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