Many would know Lauren Graham like Lorelai Gilmore, the mom who made our TV screens the best duo for mother-daughters on Gilmore Girls. In some great movies, Graham plays mother, sister, and daughter or love interest, aside from television shows graham played.

Yes, Graham didn’t play as big a role in films as on television, but the films she did were better for her. 

We graded the films not only in terms of the profits of our box office but also concerning personal preference:

Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life

Graham portrays the main character Rafe Khachadorian. Rafe has great creativity, and he doesn’t want to stick with laws. He breaks ridiculous rules in school when he starts high school and drives his oppressive principal insane.

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs

This is a Fran Lockwood’s film voiced by Graham. Fran is Tim Lockwood’s wife and Flint Lockwood’s primary mother. Yes, Graham just gave Fran her voice, but she’s a mother’s voice again.

Because I Said So

She’s the eldest daughter of Daphne (Diane Keaton, who has two other daughters). Graham plays one of the key stars of this click.


Graham plays a small role in this film, but still, it is awesome to see her again playing the role of a mom. And if you’re a diehard Graham, Gilmore Girls, or Parenthood fan, with Graham playing the mother it is a must-see.

Bad Santa

Graham stars with Billy Bob Thornton, who plays as Willie in this film. She plays Willie a sexual alcoholic’s love interest.

Evan Almighty

Graham plays the role of Evan’s (the one who has connections with God) cynical wife.

The Pacifier

This film is a wonderful family comedy with an incredible cast that wonderfully portrays the characters.

Seeing Other People

Seeing others is another romantic character in which Lauren Graham has taken action. Graham plays the spiteful older sister of Alice in this film who never has anything good to tell about Alice or anybody.

Birds of America

The film has been well introduced, among them Matthew Perry (Morrie), Lauren Graham (Betty Tanager), Hilary Swank (Laura), and Ben Foster (Jay). Morrie is married to Betty, and both of them wish to become part of a family, but Morrie’s siblings turn to the back when they arrive at his house.

The Answer Man

It’s a film with Graham as the lead character, Elizabeth. Elizabeth is a chiropractor who deals with the romantic involvement of spiritual writer Arlen Faber (Jeff Daniels).

There are many more to come in the list so stay tuned with us and enjoy reading.


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