10 movies to watch if you loved His Dark Materials


My dear fellow mates, if you were fantasized by HBO’s His Dark Materials which primarily kept on focusing on adventures of Lyra and Will, then you must look into some of the other bigger philosophies. 

Here’s a list of ten movies that you must watch if you want to enjoy more fantasies in your after His Dark Materials. 

First, once in your movie-time you must experience the magical ice-bound world of The Chronical of Narnia, The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. The  second is obviously, the most influential Harry Potter Series, the magic broom, Hogwarts, boy wizard, the deadliest Wizard from the first book to the last movie all has been enriching.

The third is Harry Potter’s highest monetary competitor, The Lord Of the Rings. This Peter Jackson’s movie has been successfully capturing some operatic grandeur. Next is, The Golden Campus, the Daniel Craig and Nicole Kidman’s story is blissful. 

Stardust is the next, belonging to the era of Fantasy movies, it deserves a lot of Fan’s attention. Percy Jackson and the Olympians is a movie based on a Greek mythology. It possessed of a grand destiny and it’s a damn fun movie, therefore it also makes itself to the watch list.

The seventh is Bridge To Terabithia,  the movie has plenty of whimsical moments ever broadening the fantasy world. A Wrinkle in time is the eighth, the movie was not much of a box office hit but them there was a lot of things to be enjoyed in it. Moreover, it was a movie emphasizing Women power. 

Pete’s Dragon and The Secret Garden are the last two in the list, these movies were sweet and creamy having a lot of things to cherish and Pete’s dragon was also known for featuring some of the best animations.

Therefore, if you guys haven’t watch any, please get some time to watch these. I promise, you all will be loving it.


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