10 Saddest Episodes of the Big Bang Theory!!

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Despite being a show full of science and friendship, Big Bang Theory has some emotional elements as well. We here present you with some of them.

  1. “The Closet Reconfiguration” (S6, EP19) 

Sheldon discovers Howard’s letter from his closet. Howard has never read it, but Sheldon did. It was from his father for his 18th birthday. Howard has some issues with his father because of which Howard felt devastated when he came to know that Sheldon had read the letter and told everyone what was written inside it. 

  1. “The Leftover Thermalization” (S8, E18)

It was Thanks giving dinner; Howard was unaware that it is going to be the last meal he was going to have cooked by his mother. Mrs. Wolowitz’s unexpected death left everyone heartbroken.

  1. “The Commitment Determination” (S8, E24)

While Amy and Sheldon were celebrating their fifth anniversary, Sheldon mentioned The Flash TV show in between kissing Amy. She told everyone that she needed a break from the relationship. Sheldon was about to propose to her with an engagement ring, and this left him heartbroken. 

  1. “The Wheaton Recurrence” (S3, E19)

Penny was tensed about her closeness with Leonardo because she was not into him as much as he was into her. Wil Wheaton tells Penny that it is incorrect to hang around him if you are unsure about the relationship. Then she decided to break up with Penny.

  1. “The Stockholm Syndrome” (S12, E24)

It was an extremely emotional episode as everyone came to know that Penny is pregnant. While receiving his Noble Prize, he threw away the speech he prepared and thanked his friends. 

  1. “The Proton Transmogrification” (S7, E22)

Arthur passed away in this episode, which is heartbreaking for Sheldon as he has admired him since his childhood.

  1. “The Platonic Permutation” (S9, E9)

Later after the breakup, Amy realized that she still loves Sheldon, but he told her that he needed some time to think because he is deeply hurt.

  1. “The Status Quo Combustion” (S7, E24)

Sheldon was upset and needed time to accept massive changes of Penny and Leonardo getting engaged and the comic book store fire. 

  1. “The Citation Negation” (S12, E9)

Howard discovers that the research Sheldon and Amy were working on was debunked by a Russian scientist.

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  1. “The Hesitation Ramification” (S7, E12)

After a lot of struggles, Penny got a small role in NCIS, but when it came out her scene was cut. It was the lowest moment of her in the show.

Being a fan of the Big Bang theory, we all have felt all these emotions and they have touched our hearts. Hope you like all these points and if there something left by us then please share your points. Stay tuned with us and enjoy reading.


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