The pride of the show Gilmore Girls is Rory Gilmore, the main protagonist of the show around whom the whole show is centered. She is ambitious and all but she gets into awkward situations now and then all because of herself. We bring to you 10 ways she does this.


  1. She Hates Entitlement: Rory knows that she is entitled to her mother’s things and property but does not wants to admit it just because her mother did not admit in her youth. The entitlement will help but she is her mother’s daughter. 
  2.  She is Sympathetic: Being sympathetic is good but Rory sympathized too much with her mother and cursed her grandparents always. Then when she quarreled with mother she goes to her grandparents. Now this is not healthy for anyone let alone Rory. 
  3. She ruins her relationship: When Dean was single, he was bad and when he is married, he is awesome. Nothing more needs to be said. 
  4. She wants her Dad around: No one in family likes her dad but still she wants him around. She knows he has hurt her mother but still loves him. A good yo-yo Rory has made of her dad, agree?  
  5. She works too hard: Rory works hard in her internship with Mr. Huntzberger as a journalist but she works too hard to impress him and he says you are overworking it. As a result she gets into trouble. 
  6. She treats her friends poorly: Rory needs her friends Paris and Lane but she treats them like garbage. Friends need to be taken care of and Rory just does not get it.
  7. She stole a Yacht: The sea is soothing but the right way to go on a sea voyage is by asking your mother and not stealing a yacht. Rory does not get this neither is she ready to get a scolding.  
  8. She says Dean is best: Rory knew Dean was the man but just would not admit it. She just makes it complicated day by day.
  9. She thinks she is Independent: The thing is Rory is fully dependent on others and she will not admit this either.
  10. She expects too much: For Rory having a degree is all that is required for a job but the world is not ideal.

If Rory works these things then she can be a better person, don’t you agree?


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