11 Best Roles of Jeffrey Dean, As Per The IMDB Reports


The veteran star Jefferey Dean has been seen in numerous movies along with some television shows. As per the IMDB has found best work of him.

Jefferey has started acting in his 90’s and he has done in myriad series since then. Many of them include ER, Walker, Texas Ranger, Enterprise, Tru Calling, and The O.C., CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.

As per the IMDB markings, the eyes are on movies and shows in which he has been working more than one episode and the shows that lasted for many seasons.

1. The Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe(2015)

The three times tie at last having TV miniseries on The New York Times bestseller by J. Randy Taraborelli.

2. Days of Wrath(2008)

Morgan had an alluring role as Bryan Gordan opposite Laurence Fishburne and Wilmer Valderrama.

3. The Burning Zone(1996-1997)

The sci-fi drama in the 90’s Morgan rolled for UPN about a task for a government that searches chemicals and biological threats.

4. P.S. I Love You (2007): 

By not having a starring role but he did a supportive role as William though the character not having originally in Cecelia Ahern.

5. Magic City(2012-2013):

The lead role done by Morgan in the drama about Ike Evans the owner of a hotel in Miami forced to make a deal with the Jewish Mob to keep hotel runs.


Morgan played in some films as a comedian and watchmen are one of them. The comedian Edward Blake in 2009 as in superhero story.

7. Grey’s Anatomy(2006-2009):

His second most known role and he played Denny Duquette in this medical drama, the love interest of Izzie Stevens.

8. Weeds(2005): 

This has been a popular series and he has appeared for the two episodes for eight seasons. He was a critical role- the hubby of a lead role Nancy.

9. The Walking Dead(2016-2020):

This has been most renowned and high profiles role of Morgan.

10.The Good Wife(2015,2016):

The story follows Alicia, a woman who finds herself back to work after her attorney’s husband is sent to jail.

11.Supernatural: (2005-2019): 

Morgan had a recurring character on the longest series about brothers hunt an evil on the Earth.


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