11 Netflix Movie to watch if you like Sci-fi Thrillers

11 Netflix Movie to watch if you like Sci-fi Thrillers
11 Netflix Movie to watch if you like Sci-fi Thrillers

Netflix has been the king of all streaming giants since the start of its streaming services and has proven itself better than others in certain genres like Sci-fi Thrillers. The movies streamed there is a combination of great scientific theories with a splash of colorful imagination.

Now, if my buddies are in the mood to watch some of the best sci-fi thrillers on Netflix, here is what your list should contain,

First, an apocalyptic hit starring producer Sandra Bullock “Bird Box”, a 2018 movie, where a phenomenon that is mysterious and supernatural emerges on the planet where the consequences are deadly for everyone who looks upon it. Watching Bird Box on Netflix would give us a thrilling experience.

Second would be the Swedish actress Noomi Rapace starred, What Happened To Monday, the 2017 movie. It is another Netflix original featuring the struggles of a family to survive a harsh future.

The Platform, the 2020 movie would be the third in the list, originally a Spanish language thriller, directed by Galder Gaztelu-Urrutia’s, a dystopian survival story. This is a flicker of haunting Socio-economic parable.

11 Netflix Movie to watch if you like Sci-fi Thrillers
11 Netflix Movie to watch if you like Sci-fi Thrillers

And it’s English dubbing is a must watch on Netflix.

Next, ARQ, 2016’s movie is all set to give the viewers a thrilling adrenaline rush, because Robbie Arnell playing the role of an engineer who is attacked by masked assistants along with his former lover playing by Rachel Taylor.

The Old Guard, 2020; 2017’s The Discovery and 2019’s See You Yesterday occupies the fifth, sixth, and seventh positions in the best sci-fi movies list on Netflix. The makes of these movies have carved some of the best sci-fi stories through these films. Recent 2020 movie, Project Power, the story of a cop.

A former soldier and a teenager drug dealer using a pill that gives temporary superhuman powers to people is the next the series acquiring the eighth place 2016’ s spectral takes the ninth position, the story center’s around some kind of civil unrest in Europe, in the nation of Moldova, where a special US military unit is sent to fight the civil unrest. Quiet an exciting piece of work!

The position is set for the 2019’s movie In The Shadow of The Moon. The story revolving around the bloody trail of a notorious serial killer and a Philadelphia police officer discovering the former’s unusual return and destroying his own life in the process.

A gritty mystery thriller will not be a bar option to watch. 2019’s, I Am Mother is the last in the list, an interesting and thrilling experience without too much drama would be the best thing to watch.

Thus, dear binger gang, if you haven’t taken up any of these, do not miss your chance, please. Just enjoy watching them and do tell us your views.

Have a great time watching them.

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