12 Horror TV Shows available to stream on HBO Max


To all the horror lovers we are here with some interesting stuff for you. Don’t let yourself get bored on this weekends and check out these amazing and thrilling 12 horror TV shows.

  • Lovecraft County:

After returning home from the Korean War, a young, black Chicago native (Jonathan Majors) learns that his favourite fantasy stories are more than a product of the imagination while searching for his missing father in Jim Crow Era America.

The show is really thrilling and one of the influential one. It is based upon the Matt Ruff’s 2014 novel with the same name. 

  • Fantasmagorias:

The vengeful spirit of a murderous mother who appears as a crying lady, a landowner suspecting his neighbour’s dogs killed his goats learns the most terrifying truth, and two brothers’ experiences none of the fun and games they hoped for while using a Ouija board on a camping trip are just the tip of the iceberg for what bone-chilling tales are in store for you in this collection of Spanish-language short films. 

It is an anthology of brutal interpretation of the most-feared legends from Latin America folklore lasting only minutes but haunting you for longer. 

  • Carnivale:

During the Great Depression, a fugitive (Nick Stahl) working for a travelling sideshow and a California Methodist preacher (Clancy Brown) doing his best to serve God’s will both possess unusual gifts that lead them to a shared destiny as crucial pawns in a world-shattering conflict. 

Created by Daniel Knuaf, the Emmy winning show only lasted two seasons on HBO, but has since been remembered as an addictively suspenseful, visually stunning period drama. 

  • True Blood:

Set in a world in which vampires and humans can co-exist thanks to a drink that effectively substitutes human blood, a telepathic waitress from Louisiana gains firsthand insight into the lingering tensions between the mortal enemies after falling in love with a handsome, fanged stranger.

The show is funny, sexy, and deliciously macabre adaptation of Charlaine Harris novel series named “The Southern Vampire Mysteries”, offering a unique, modern-day take on horror folklore that also involves werewolves, shapeshifters, and other fantastic beings. 

  • Ghosts:

A young couple struggle to cope with the prospect of sharing the luxurious country home they recently inherited with the spirits of people from various backgrounds and time periods whom haunt it. 

The classic haunted house story trope, instead of the traditionally frightening avenues it is best known for, takes on the form of a roommate sitcom in the vein of Friends with Ghosts, a fun and unique hit horror-comedy series from BBC One.

  • Bedlam:

Tenants of an upscale, recently converted London apartment complex find their luxurious, modern existence interrupted by the appearance of horrifying and vengeful apparitions who expose the building’s past as an insane asylum.

  • The Fades:

A teenage boy with the unexplainable ability to see the burdened spiritual remnants of the dead becomes the last hope of the living when one angry entity figures out a way to make himself human again. 

  • Death Note:

A highly intelligent teen becomes a vigilante against the world’s most feared criminals simply by writing their names inside a blank book he discovers has deadly capabilities. It is based upon a manga with the same name. It is a hugely popular series lasting just 37 episodes between 2006 and 2007 that brilliantly fuses crime drama with these of supernatural fantasy in the darkest degree, which would later inspire an Americanized, live action film adaptation on Netflix. 

  • Todd McFarlane’s Spawn:

Slain by his double-crossing best friend, skilled mercenary AI Simmons struggles to outrun the armies of both Heaven and Hell while using his powers as a force against corruption on Earth from beyond the grave.

  • The Outsider:

Upon the discovery of a brutally murdered 11-year-old boy, a veteran Georgia police detective is baffled by proof that the child’s teacher and little league coach is responsible and conflicting evidence that proves his involvement is impossible.

It is a highly acclaimed and engrossingly suspenseful HBO original. 

  • Off the Air:

Topics that range from the mundane or the just plain grim serve as the inspiration for stylistically diverse live action clips ad animated sequences presented in each 11-minute instalment of this anthology series.

  • Room 104:

A seemingly normal room in an American hotel serves as the connective tissues for a series of self-contained stories, including a housekeeper who meets her younger self, a reports interviewing a woman who claims to be an android, a family from a 90s sitcom seeking a new life structure, and plenty more tales that only becomes strange throughout its four seasons. 


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