13 Reasons Why Season 4 Official Trailer Is Finally Out, Deets Inside


‘For 13 reasons’ landed on Netflix like a real bomb. It became a success that continued for two more seasons, although it lost some steam in the second and earned a few criticisms at the end of this one.

However, the history of Clay and the company continued this year with the premiere of a third season away from the dynamics that we were used to goodbye to Hannah Baker.

Hello Bryce Walker killer. It doesn’t say so, but BEWARE, SPOILERS! If you haven’t finished watching season 3 of ‘ For Thirteen Reasons ‘, read on at your own risk.

‘For 13 reasons 4’: Trailer

13 Reasons Why Season 4 Official Trailer Is Finally Out, Deets Inside
13 Reasons Why Season 4 Official Trailer Is Finally Out, Deets Inside

The official trailer for the series has just seen the light.

‘For 13 Reasons 4’ will be the final season

A few months ago season 4 of ‘For 13 reasons’ was confirmed. In addition, the news was accompanied by an important detail: it would be the final closing of the story that began with the suicide of a young woman from the institute.

As published by the THR media, the decision to end the story was due to the fact that it is “an expensive drama” whose audience level has not corresponded and that it also suffered a severe setback due to the criticism aroused after showing makes explicit the suicide of Baker (which ended up being eliminated this July, two years after its initial emission).

‘For 13 reasons 4’: Release date

After many months of waiting Netflix confirmed the release date of this fourth installment, which has finally fulfilled, more or less, the schedule that we were used to mid-years. What’s more, it will arrive even before the previous installment.

The first season premiered in March, the second in May and the third in August. However, the study has broken the trend, as the new installment will be available on June 5.

Of course, it will have fewer episodes than the other installments. It will not be thirteen, but ten chapters which will serve to close the whole story.

‘For 13 reasons 4’: Who will return?

We’ll see Clay (Dylan Minette), Jessica (Alisha Boe), Alex (Miles Heizer), Justin (Brandon Flynn), Zach (Ross Butler), Tony (Christian Navarro), Tyler (Devin Druid) and Ani (Grace Saif) again. ). Oh, and Justin Prentice (Bryce) and Timothy Granaderos (Monty) will also be making a cameo.


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