15 Controversies and Scandals of ‘The Bachelor’ & ‘The Bachelorette’


‘The Bachelorette’ is making its return this month as ABC. Along with it, the organization is currently busy with the 25th season of ‘The Bachelor’ having Matt James as their first black lead in the cast.

We all know that the shows had been surrounded by Controversy and scandals in the past. But again, the question arises here, have the producers learned something from that phase? Well, we have mentioned some of the controversies and big scandals of the show. Some may be true and some may just a student of social media university. 

You may be aware of many of them.

The Franchise has faced criticism on Sexism 

Bachler Nation faced criticism by a group of people believing that the foundation of the show is based on sexist. Claims were made by saying that the show has put the old regime that the grown adult women want to be a princess of 1900 where man makes all decisions.

A homophobic statement from the show’s star Juan Pablo  

Here you will find the full story from 2014,

Chris Soul faced a car accident

Have a look at the whole case from 2017, 

Hateful Tweets from contestant Lee Garrett

Here you will find the point from 2017,

Questions were raised on the authenticity of the show

Follow up the whole matter from 2018,

Conviction of battery from Lincoln Adam

Take a look by yourself on the case from 2018 as well,

Instagram history became trouble for Garrett Yrigoyen

New to this? Check it here,

Harassment objections on Leo Dottavio

In 2018, another contestant named Leo Dottavio faced sexual harassment objections lead by another former contestant Bekah Martinez.

The Bachelorette faced slut-slamming

Have a look at the issue from 2014,

‘White live matters’ and Victoria Fuller

Take look at the recent case from Feb 2020,


N-word rap from Hannah Brown

Go through and know by yourself,


Franchise faced the criticism on Diversity

Have a look at this,

Chad Johnson made a plea deal

Full information here,

Restraining order for Colton Underwood

Here you go, click on this,

The bachelor faced criticism for their toxic behaviour

Underwood faced a restraining order from Randolph that was for ‘The Bachelor’ romanticizing toxic behaviour. One critic wrote that the show is all about abusive relationships and force romanticism.

As you have gone through all the scandals and controversies, what do you think about how much of them are true? Is there left anything? Tell us what you feel.

Furthermore, the show ‘The Bachelorette’ is all set to premiere on the 16th of October for its 16th season.

Stay safe and stunned with us for more information on this.


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