2020 Autumnal Equinox: These Zodiac Signs Will Face Challenges Their Way


The fall season has begun. The summertime officially ended two days ago. Our nature is now preparing itself for the winter season. In the Northern Hemisphere, the autumn is calling up its way to arrive. 

Autumn is a season when all the fruits and vegetables ripen and it’s all harvest season. The autumnal equinox is the commencement of the Libra season. The way everyone reacts to changes varies vastly. This equinox might be challenging for the following zodiac signs. 

Pisces: You Are Going To Find It Difficult For You To Focus 

Overthinking about everything around you is going to be the cause of your inability to focus. You have to make sure that you don’t go hard on yourself for any reason. The sun is shifting to Libra. This shift has never been easy for you to handle. 

The sun shift is going to flame the things to try to run away from the most. The eight house of fear which is shadowy for you will be ignited. The transformation, psychological experiences, and intimacy that comes along is going to be difficult for you. 

You don’t need to stress on your insecurities as Venus will help you get through this. Yeh work you have, your responsibilities, and diligence will help you get through. 

Cancer: Contemplation And Anxiousness Is What Is Coming Your Way 

Your cardinal sign is Libra. The autumnal equinox is going to challenge your routine. The sun is going to enter your sense of security and inner experiences. Your fourth house of home and family. You would want to retreat and quench your wilderness. 

Venus is going to help you ease things out in finances and comfort. The moon of Sagittarius might overwhelm you but you will get through. 

Scorpio: You’ve Got Work To Do But You’re Lazy At The Same Time 

You are born with a powerful mind. Don’t let your stress and anxiety take over your control. Just try to release your stresses. The sun is shifting to Libra and that will cause your twelfth house of closure and karma to get you off guard. 

The planet of love is going to be there looking at you. Your career, ambitions, and reputation are going to be up.

This says that there’s no place for you to hide, you’ve to keep running.


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