Even through this year’s Halloween costume parties will be a no go but our celebrities haven’t stopped themselves from celebrating Halloween at their homes even during the corona virus pandemic. The celebrities have been spotted wearing scary as well as in sexy outfits so let’s jump ahead and know which the celebrity looks that we should check out are. 

Vanessa Hudgens also known as the Halloween Queen has always pulled off amazing looks and this year she wore a black latex Cat women costume for Halloween. She was then seen to wear a lace bustier, feather trimmed dressing gown with a starry head piece and a bold dark look makeup. She channelled her inner Cabaret in this outfit. 

The sisters, Bella and Dani Throne dressed up as the fairy sisters and then paired their look along with elf looking ears, delicate wings and shiny glittery makeup. After that, Bella looked sizzling hot in her Little Red Riding Hood outfit. She also jokingly said, “Grandma doesn’t approve my outfit.”

Charlie XCX celebrated Halloween by wearing a red latex bodysuit along with a very creepy looking glove, purple makeup and at last with a black wig. Over all she pulled off a great look this Halloween. 

Cute little Stormi was seen to be dressed up as a Disney princess for a pumpkin decoration afternoon event while her aunt Khloe Kardashian and cousin True sported cat ears. Both the cousins looked adorable together.

Katherine Schwarzenegger paid tribute to essential workers with her box looking costume as she was dressed as a nurse in scrubs and a stethoscope and her dog Maverick was dressed in a fire fighter costume.

Last but not the least this week James Charles and Kylie Jenner collaborated in a video together and James created a cheetah theme Halloween makeup look for Kylie to honour her new and wild makeup collection. She finished off her look with an animal spotted Alaia cat suit.


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