3 Costumes that fans might like for Thor in video game Marvel’s Avengers


The video game by Crystal Dynamics could have dug through the MCU catalog and come up with a whole range of costumes for any of the Earth’s Mightiest. However, in the game, Thor does not seem to have too many options to choose from.

The Norse god, for all his larger-than-life and blustering personality, seriously needs a wardrobe update. Most of his outfits look very similar to each other and the one that does stand out looks like something out of a sub-par hair metal band from the 1980s.

Fans have not been too pleased. But if Crystal Dynamics wanted some suggestions, there are other options available. Let’s explore three different possibilities.

Many years ago, Marvel released a line of comics that were set in an alternate universe called the Ultimate Universe. The Thor from that comic had an interesting and unusual look.

Lacking a cape, sporting a huge belt and fitted armor, and wielding the axe-hammer that fans saw in Infinity War, this Thor looked tough and powerful. The raw power in the arms that are left bare apart from the leather straps around his wrists would appeal to most Thor fans.

Speaking of Infinity War, Thor’s battle armor in the Battle of Wakanda would make a spectacular costume for the game. One of the most jaw-dropping superhero entrances in the history of cinema, Thor’s look with the red cape, black armor, and short hair was so powerful it would have fans gleefully spending credits to earn it.

Since the game already allows Thor the abilities to summon the Bifrost and charging with lightning, this look would complete the entire package. And if fans could replicate that breathtaking entrance in the game, what more could they ask for?

King Thor from the future would also be an interesting look for the God of Thunder. This look comes from a rather dark future where Asgard has been destroyed and Odin has fallen leaving Thor to pick up the role of the All-Father.

With long white hair and an eye-patch for a missing eye, this Thor does look startlingly like his father. This is an extremely cool look with one metal-encased arm and even a sword, which will certainly have fans excited.


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