3 must-watch creepy horror movies in the Halloween


Most people would probably wish to watch a bunch of horror movies with the Halloween season around the corner. Many people may opt for movies like A Nightmare on Elm St’s. and Friday the 13. But if you wish to experiment with something creepy this Halloween then you surely need to try David Lynch movies. Here are a few recommendations for you.


Eraserhead is a nightmarish movie starring Jack Nance and is David Lynch’s first feature length film. His debut film was all that was needed to predict his future direction in the horror industry. It’s perfect for Halloween with the mutant baby who just won’t stop crying with Jack Nance’s character who has been named Henry Spencer in the movie. The movie is likely to follow you long after it’s over.

Lost Highway

Lost Highway is considered to be David Lynch’s most mysterious film which just goes completely off the rails. The story focuses on a musician who is being sent tapes of himself along with his wife in the house. However, his wife is dismembered and then he is accused of her murder, disorienting everything in a way that almost makes you feel physically ill. The film stars Bill Pullman (musician), Balthazar Getty, Patricia Arquette, and Robert Blake.

Blue Velvet

The beginning of this movie is the creepiest thing you might have ever heard that starts with a college student finding a severed ear on the sidewalk. The story is basically a mystery about a lounge singer and her missing baby starring Isabella Rossellini, Kyle MacLachlan, Dennis Hopper, and Laura Dern. Lynchian has done a beautiful job in keeping the overall tone of the movie just so eerie.


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