365 Days: Fans should take a decision on the Film.


There is a petition filed to remove 36 DNI from Netflix. The show 36 Days is one of the most popular shows on Netflix where we can say that popularity is beyond moralistic judgment. The show was released in February 2020 and has been hitting headlines. This time the reason because of which this polish erotic film is in the news is a petition filed against the show.

People who have not seen this show let me introduce you to the profile of this film. It’s an erotic drama where the story revolves around Massimo Torricelli who is a mafia don and is obsessed with a girl whom he saw on the beach. The girl is kidnapped by the Don and given 365 days to fall in love with the Don. As the plot makes it very clear the film is bound to have many adult scenes. Now the question arises that if there is a petition filed against the show, then how come the show was popular with majorly negative reviews from critics. 

Criticism just did not pour from critics but many celebrities openly voiced their views about the film. Singer and songwriter Duffy said that the movie has disturbing scenes about violence, kidnapping, and sex trafficking. Not only had this show made new records in terms of popularity. Lockdown and pandemic yes could be one of the major reasons but few countries like India, Germany, Israel, Pakistan, and Canada; it falls in the category of the top three most viewed shows.

365 Days: Fans should take a decision on the Film.

On Change.Org Mikayla Zazen has launched a petition to take off this film from Netflix. Thousands of people across the world have supported this petition with over 77 million signatures. The reason for a petition against the film is the glorification of kidnapping and violence against women. 

It is the most viewed show and would be interesting to see what stand Netflix takes on the show. The upcoming days might decide the future of 365 Days on Netflix. However, post-Duffy’s criticism a spokesperson of Netflix revealed that the show will not be removed from Netflix as of now adding that they believe in offering members “more choice and control” over their Netflix viewing experience. 

As a viewer, it can come on you to decide the future of the show too, so which side you will be?

We will be back soon with more news on the same, till then enjoy watching Netflix.



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