5 Characters Batman Lost to But Shouldn’t Have (& 5 He won against but Shouldn’t Have)


Hey Batman lovers…

DC Universe is the home to many superheroes and many accomplished forthcoming fighters… but there is one who stands on very top level and have the tag of one of the most proficient superheroes… guess who…

Batman… yes, having very prestigious reputation, and corporeal nature, no one can ever become like him… agreed?

Any debate on Dark Knight is welcomed…

Here is the list of top 10 worst things ever happened to batman- 

Following are some defeats and victories of Batman which he doesn’t deserved: 

Lost to but shouldn’t have: Prometheus

When batman was beaten up by Prometheus in a very serious manner in grant Morrison’s batman comic series, it was a very unexpected moment for fans as batman had a personality of never being able to lose but Prometheus had the ability to observe and use the fighting technique of his opponents.

Won against but shouldn’t have: Superman

Well it is a tough talk but batman had more chance of winning against superman, thanks to his super strong armour, green arrow and some pieces of kryptonite.

Lost to but shouldn’t have: Bane

After years of fighting crime, Batman was tired mentally and physically, and only one who can take down the dark knight was no other that Bane and just afterwards the Knight fall, Bruce understood the motive and master plan of bane.

Won against but shouldn’t have: The Incredible Hulk

during the crossover of marvel and dc comics which blew up the fans, every one were doing pretty cool stuffs but guess what… batman rambled with the incredible hulk and beat him up!!

Lost but shouldn’t have: Wonder Women

With years of training of hand to hand combat, military training and superhuman power of wonder women. She had a good advantage over batman.  

Lost but shouldn’t have: The Reaper

During the batman’s early time as a crime fighter, he got in a pretty disgusting fight with the reaper who after left him to bleed to death after beating him, shooting him several times, stabbing him in vital organs.

Won against but shouldn’t have: Darkseid

A very great victory of batman shall be remembered when he killed a god like creature darkseid who hadn’t had power less than a god but thanks to batman’s god killing bullet darkseid was killed and batman won.

These were some of the win-win and lose-lose situations for Batman… now stay connected and tuned with us for more information and updates… 


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