5 good Amazon shows heading to Prime Video in October 2020


Savage X Fenty Show Vol. 2 (#1)

The show features models dressed in the stunning Rihanna’s fashion pieces. You can expect the most sizzling dance performances and other acts along with the behind the scenes clips and making of the show.

You can watch the trailer of Savage X Fenty Show Vol. 2- 

The Lie (#2)

It’s a story of two parents who get into a very sticky situation trying to cover up their teenage daughter’s mistake. And the mistake is- a cold-blooded murder of her own best friend.

You can watch the trailer here- 

Chasing the Crown: Dreamers to Streamers (#3)

This is a reality TV show where Twitch streamers compete with each other with the mentorship of professional streamers. The whole competition will be happening live, which means that you can literally be a part of the judge and adjust the polls!

You can watch the trailer here- 

Nocturne (#4)

It is a horror mystery, following a very gifted pianist who falls into a bargain to overthrow her older sister.

You can watch the trailer at- 


Mirzapur (#5)

The show follows a typical story of a big shot mafia Description Akhandanand Tripathi in the town of Mirzapur with an equally power-hungry son who had planned to enjoy every alone. But things change when they cross path with a straightforward lawyer Ramakant Pandit.

You can watch the trailer here- 

Hope you like the shows we recommend!

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