5 Twists that could have been great for Big Brother: All-Stars


Big Brother is an American reality TV show, where housemates (the contestants) compete with each other by trying to stay the longest in the house. The last contestant to stay with the strongest support from the public would win a cash prize of half a million US dollars.

The show first premiered in 2000 and is in its twentieth year of running and the 22nd season is now being aired since 5th August 2020. 

The show was supposed to air earlier but the premiere was delayed due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Then they announced that this season will be All-Stars meaning, it will contain all the contestants from the previous seasons of Big Brother.

The show has begun going on for more than a month now and seven people have been evicted out of a total of 22 contestants.

With still some time left, here are…

The five twists that we think could have been great for Big Brother: All-Star

Evil Big Brother

This troupe has been used before the 4th English-Canadian season where the Big Brother becomes stricter and gives the contestants much harsher punishment. This may sound sadistic, but believe me, it would be way more fun and nerve-wracking for both the contestants and the audience!


Here a few contestants could be selected (based on competition) and made to live in a glass house set somewhere else where the public could see them for a week. If they live through the week without quitting, they could gain some immunity from getting evicted.

Fake evictions

The evicted contestants could be made to stay in a separate area within the territory and can be made to watch everything happening inside the house. Then the contestant could choose a person to be nominated for eviction. 

Paired up

Two contestants should be paired up with each other and made to compete. If one of them gets nominated the other should get nominated too and the same goes for eviction. So they need to strategize such that they are both safe.


This twist was used in the fourth season in Argentina. Here the telephone rang each week for 10 seconds and one of the contestants should pick it up. The news may be good or bad and the contestant should deal with it but the other contestants would not know about this.

This is our take on the different twists that could be played. What are the other twists that could be used? Keep sharing your views with us and stay tuned!

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