6 Marvel Characters Grant Gustin Would Be Perfect To Play


Best of both worlds…

Now before the DC fans attack us… hear us out. It’s not the first time actors have played characters both in the DC Universe and the Marvel Cinematic Universe. 

Actors such as Ryan Reynolds who played Green Lantern as a DC character and Deadpool as a Marvel character; Tom Hardy as Bane (DC) and Venom (Marvel);

Ben Affleck as Batman (DC) and Daredevil (Marvel); Chris Evans Jake Jensen from The Losers (DC) and Captain America (Marvel), along with many others stand testimonial to the fact that actors can play multiple heroes if they wish.

Grant Gustin’s portrayal of Barry Allen, a.k.a The Flash has earned the actor a huge fan following. So much that fans hoped for him to continue playing The Flash in Justice League as well. 

However, since that ship has sailed, courtesy of Ezra Miller, it might not be such a bad thing after all! Gustin’s Flash belongs in the Arrowverse in the web series which leaves him a good chance to show his superhero prowess in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. 

As Marvel now proceeds in its Phase Four of films, here are six superheroes Gustin can play from the Marvel Universe:


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Final ✌️ parts tonight! Working with this legend was a highlight of this whole journey so far. I hope you enjoy the conclusion.

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Speed Demon:

While it may look like the most obvious option, Speed Demon couldn’t be further away from Gustin’s The Flash. To see this lightning-fast, strong, psychotic chemist and supervillain go up against, Tom Holland’s Spider-man would be a sight to watch.


Mark Sheppard, a.k.a. DJ is a character that desperately needs a live-action adaptation. Imagine possessing abilities based on listening to music, i.e., Blues for healing, Gospel for flight, Dance for photokinesis, Classical for forcefields, Techno for chronokinesis and Rock for a concussive shock. Who better than Gustin who has shown keen interest in theatre. 


X-Men Origins: Wolverine gave us two disappointing character introductions which we wish never happened: Deadpool and Gambit. Deadpool has been successfully revived thanks to Ryan Reynolds, and Channing Tatum’s version of Gambit now stands cancelled. Thus, the role Gambit who manipulates kinetic energy to his will is wide open!


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Who better to play the most prominent gay cryokinetic superhero in the Marvelverse than Gustin who has previously showcased his suave, charming side in Glee as Sebastian Smythe.


This could be a tricky one to incorporate in the current plot given Thunderstrike is Eric Masterson’s, later merged as Thor’s, son. However, considering MCU will be bringing back Jane Foster in Thor: Love and Thunder, their child could go on to become Thunderstrike, a perfect role for Gustin.


With Skrulls and Krees taking a lot of screentime and the war between Skrulls and Krees also mentioned in the MCU, the day isn’t far when we’d get to see a half-Skrull, half-Kree child, or Theodore Altman as mentioned in the comics, to take the center stage.

Imagine Gustin in all his green glory channeling superhuman strength and shapeshifting abilities. A winner!


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Let us know which ones were your favorite or if there is any other Marvel character, you’d like Gustin to play. 


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