6 Things A Fan Should Want It Aaron Sorkin Actually Writes Scripts For The Social Network 2


For a span of 10 years, David Fincher and Aaron Sorkin have teamed up and have created the most impactful movies together, in which The Social Network franchise is also there. The series revolves around the 2010 drama based on the ‘formation of Facebook’. 

Aaron Sorkin is one of the most famous script writers who have gone on the record with that set, he has also said that he has a keen interest to write a second movie which will revolve around ‘on the rise of Facebook’ and with that, he will also add certain parts which will showcase everything going on with the social media giant producers of the first.

However, Aaron Sorkin did tell that he wants to do the scripting for the movie BUT only if David Fincher makes a return to direct it and by looking at everything which happened in the last 10 years, now it’s a perfect time for them to get back together.

Here are the 6 things which as a fan everyone might want to see if Aaron Sorkin writes the scripts for The Social Network 2.

Sheryl Sandberg Hired As The Company’s First COO in 2008

Besides Mark Zuckerberg, many other people have provided their skills for the growth of Facebook in the past 10 years which includes Sheryl Sandberg who joined the company as Chief Operating Officer (COO) in 2008. Sheryl has been her efforts and skills to help turn Facebook from a fairly large social media company to the biggest and widely used social media company.

She was appointed to look after and work on the business operations like sales, marketing, and public policy, Sharyl has been at the forefront of the company’s success, and controversies, over the years.

Facebook Goes Public And Flopped On The Stock Market

The story of Facebook has been split into two parts, which is before and after the company’s 2012 NASDAQ debut. For the people who don’t know, the social media platform’s debut on the stock market was anything but what Mark Zuckerberg and countless investors had hoped for leading into the morning of May 18, 2012, but it’s the fate they were dealt. 

According to reports, shortly before trading was set to begin on the NASDAQ exchange, a glitch was found that caused a number of issues for investors throughout the first day of trading and into subsequent days which resulted in the price of shares dropping from $38/share to $20 by August 2012.

Facebook Conducts A Psychological Experiment On Nearly 700,000 Users

Just a few months before when Facebook gained a milestone of one-billion users on October 12, the company conducted an experiment on the 689,003 randomly selected users who had no idea their news feeds were being toyed with.

According to New York Times from 2014 (when the study was first revealed), Facebook manipulated the feeds of those users to change the number of positive and negative posts they would see on any given day. 

Reports say that the company did this only to better understand the emotions which were spread through social media habits.

This study which was used on more than half a million users without their knowledge made the company to face larger controversies as well.

The Social Media Company’s Role in Civil Unrest in Developing Nations

Facebook had problems sharing with false information which was pushed and shared as if it was true for years, and it became a major controversial issue in the United States.  As per the report, the issues were that in some parts of the world, users cannot afford access to the internet and are allowed to use Facebook for free on their smartphones.

Initially, it sounded like a great idea, but then you have to think about how misinformation is spread over the platform with little to interference from Facebook.

The issue got big after a controversy happened in Sri Lanka in 2018 when various Facebook users and groups shared inflammatory and untruthful information about Muslims, which resulted in widespread civil unrest, violence, and scores of deaths.

The Cambridge Analytica Scandal 

This was one of the biggest controversies Facebook faced. This activity came to light and told that the company used to work with third-party companies and were sharing their user’s personal data which was being collected and sold without the user’s knowledge.

Sources say that Cambridge Analytica has purchased Facebook’s data on tens of millions of American’s which was later used by Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign to play on users’ habits to prop up their candidate and demean Hillary Clinton.

Facebook Appeared In The Muller Report 

This happened when Robert’s Mueller’s 2019’s report on Russian Interference in the 2016 Presidential Election came out. The issue was the same as Cambridge Analytica Scandal, here Russia’s Internet Research (IRA) approached and reached millions of Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter users in the United States leading up to the election, Reports say that the data helped the brands to organize many election rallies and helped them to spread misinformation against Hillary Clinton as well.

Here are a few of the controversies which should be included when it comes to scenes to be showcased in The Social Network 2 which obviously revolves around Facebook’s journey.


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