7 canceled shows that left us wanting more!


The Society (#1)

The Society is a Netflix show which aired on 10 May 2019 is a thriller following the lives of a bunch of teenagers who find themselves catapulted into an alternate universe where none of the adults are to be found. The show was well received and ended with a jaw-dropping cliffhanger and left the fans wanting more.

The show was initially renewed for season 2 in July 2019 but was canceled due to some logistical issues caused due to the coronavirus virus pandemic.

Selfie (#2) 

It is a slice of life sitcom which premiered on Hulu and ABC from 30 September to 30 December in the year 2014. It followed the life of Eliza Dooley, a narcissist who is also kinda lovable.

The show was first nothing but attention-seeking and included unnecessary pop culture references (much like the title of the show itself) but by the end of the season, the character development became less superficial and people thought the show might actually stand a chance.

But the show was canceled on November 7, 2014, due to the low ratings in the initial episodes.

Tuca and Bertie (#3)

Tuca and Bertie are an adult animation series following the life of Tuca, a carefree toucan, and Bertie, a dreamy birdie. 

It was received fairly well by the audience and had a score of 98% in the Tomatometer. 

The show premiered on Netflix on 3 May 2019. The show got one season with 10 episodes before it was canceled. Critics blamed the downfall of the show on the streaming platform’s infamous algorithm which led to the low ratings of the show.

Everything Sucks (#4)

Everything Sucks is a coming of age series set in the 1990s following the life of a group of outcast teenagers who decide to make a movie that would encourage others to take them seriously for once.

The show got a decent score of 7.5/10 on IMDb but was sadly canceled due to low completion rates.

Sweet/ Vicious (#5)

The show premiered on MTV (15 November 2015) follows the odd friendship between two college girls Jules, a perfect sorority girl, and Ophelia, a hacker as they try to take law in their hands and reinforce it on their own illegally.

The show got canceled after just one season due to financial issues despite its average audience score of 84% in Rotten Tomatoes.

Freaks and Geeks (#6)

The show is set in 1980 circa, following the life of Sam Wiener, a misfit who struggles to keep up with the social dynamics of his class. And things don’t get better when his sister starts dating a presumably “cool” bad boy. It premiered in 1999 on NBC and was canceled after just one season.

Even to this day, people remember the show and are disappointed about its cancellation.

The Class (#7)

The Class is set in an unusual plot where Ethan Has decided to throw a party to celebrate his anniversary with his girlfriend Kay Warbler by bringing together all his classmates from his 3rd standard where he met Kat. The series progresses as Kat dumps Ethan and new connections are made between the old classmates. The show was canceled after just one season in March 2007 to everyone’s dismay despite being nominated for Emmy.

What are some of your favorite shows that have been canceled?

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