7 Wonder Things To Know About American Murder: The Family Next Door


Hello Readers! Each and every death in this world have some reasons. Today, we’re back with a sensational show named American Murder: The Family Next Door which is premiered today on Netflix.

It is a true-crime documentary film scripted on true murders of the Watts family that happened in Frederick, Colorado in 2018 and directed by Jenny Popplewell

Derive Out The 7 Major Things About Shanann And Chris Watts!

Beautiful lady Shanann Watts returned home after attending a business trip with her two daughters and an unborn son. Just after a few hours all of them were killed by her soulmate Chris Watts and buried in a shallow grave near his own worksite.

As we all know and we can also check out that, Shanann is selling testimonials and weight loss supplements called Thrive which further boasts energy and increase health.

She also gave this medication to her husband Chris, but he didn’t like the way they made him feel. He explores some adverse effects of that medication including loss of sleep. 

After the murder of Shanann, the news is revealed about a short affair of Chris with Nichol Kessinger who was fooled by believing that Chris is taking divorce from his wife.

Frankly, I never believed in the short and long affair, cheating is cheating buddy! Nichol wants to move this relationship slowly so that Chris will focus on the divorce procedure.

Shanann and her daughters were dropped by her loveliest friend Nichole Atkinson and she is the who contact the cops first and when Shanann missed her doctor’s appointment she felt something was wrong and go to check up on her friend. 

No thief calls himself a thief unless and until it was proved. Similarly, Chris Watts also refused to admit the crime he had done.

But after Shanann and daughter’s disappearance, investigators were called and they gave a polygraph test and asked a series of three questions which further declares him the murderer. 

But Why He Is Refusing To Take The Blame Of Their Daughter’s Murder?

As he denied to confess about their daughter’s death, he told that dumped Bella and Celeste bodies in oil tanks but don’t kill them. Are you kidding buddy? No one will survive in the oil tank!

Finally, he admitted his crime of killing his wife, two daughters, and an unborn son and pleaded guilty to first-degree murder, but still not revealed the reason behind the murder. He plea that rather than send him prison for the rest of life put him in a five life terms without the possibility of parole. 

After three months of the punishment, once again the CSI investigators came and took an interview, in which he finally admitted that he himself killed their daughters in the back of his truck by suffocating them and then dumped in an oil tank.


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