8 Favorite Picks to Enjoy Screening an Outdoor Movie


    Watching a movie under the stars is a dreamy experience, whether it is a date night or a party. Therefore, you need to prepare to enjoy the movie screening. Once you are sure your streaming platform is The Pirate Bay. Next, you need a projector, the projecting surface, and speakers to boost the volume depending on the location. Other considerations are access to a power source, the screen type, where your audience will sit and be comfortable watching the movie. Also, consider mosquitoes, snacks, and drinks. Here are essentials that come in handy while watching a movie under the stars.

    1. Wi-Fi projector

    A projector is a must-have for an outside movie screen experience. Choosing a portable one is the best and an affordable one too. Make sure you check if it has all the qualities you need for an outdoor theater. These include video quality, the correct resolution, and Wi-Fi connection. Also, ensure it has at least a three-hour charge window, a built-in speaker, and a manual focus.

    1. Projector screen 

    Where you lack a wall to project, you need a projector screen. Therefore, you need a screen with sturdy support for outdoor use that will not sway with the breeze. Check the width and the stand that will help prevent any billowing. Also, check if you can wipe gunk and bugs easily and if the components fit in a carrying case for easy transportation.

    1. Place to lounge 

    Where do you plan to sit during the movie time? Lounge recliners are ideal for comfort for a two-hour movie outdoors. Enjoy the recliners with your favorite person, and you can fold them up and store them once you finish using them. Bean bag chairs are also an option. They are an amazing pick if you want to snuggle with your kids or partner. Choose the adult-sized bean bag chair and watch the screen comfortably. A kids’ fold-out lounger is best if you want the kids to stretch out.

    1. Popcorn

    When you have guests for a movie night, you need to offer snacks. Thus, a popcorn maker comes in handy. Remember, you need a power source for the plugin. Other than that, it is a way to impress your guests. Also, ensure you have popcorn containers or bowls. You can go all out and buy reusable plastic containers to create a movie theatre vibe. Plus, everyone enjoys individual serving with no sharing.

    1. Tumblers with lid 

    How do you enjoy your drinks? A tumbler for your drinks and a stainless steel one with a lid comes in handy. In this way, you do not sweat using glasses. Plus, using tumblers that hold your drink hot or cold is best. Choose those that accommodate a straw and are spill proof. Once you decide what you are having, set up a drinks station with a cooler. This avoids you running inside every time for a refill. Choose a cooler that holds enough drinks, has a built-in opener, and fill it with ice.

    1. Mosquito repellant

    You are bound to run into mosquitoes. With snacks, people, and projector lights present during outdoor movie time. Therefore, choose a bug repellant that is scent-free to keep them off. Shop for an easy to refill and operate the device to repel the mosquitoes. Optionally you can use mosquito repellent incense sticks. They come in handy and burn for at least two and half hours.

    1. Portable folding side table 

    To reset your projector, you need a surface or two, and of course, a place to place your drinks and snacks. Choose an affordable camping table that has to stay out elements. Choose a size that accommodates enough on the surface. Also, consider the weight and whether it folds down flat. Meaning it is ideal for hikes and picnics.

    1. Ground lights 

    You do not want people tripping over for not seeing where they are going. Ground lights come in handy, especially if you wait until dark to watch an outdoor movie. So lighting up the path from the viewing area to the snack area or the bathroom with the ground lights is best. Choose to invest in a LED solar light for this if you have no ground light.


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