Whenever a program is canceled after a season, TV audiences (and ardent fans in particular) always protest the end of sorrow and colère, because loosely ending is hardly time to get tied. (The Society, we are watching you.)

However, there are several series that have performed fine with their special seasons and left audiences on good terms – several of them have been cult’s favorites! Shows such as Freaks and Geeks, Bunhead, and My So-Called Life saw a buzz after they were canceled, but most viewers were happy with the conclusion of the short-term programs.

The Get Down (Netflix)

The last episode of The Get Down has everything that the show does right: Condolence flowers, drag Queens, arrests, college acceptances, and terms of affirmation. Music, theatre, surprises, and cores were present. Ezekiel (Justice Smith) goes to Yale and Mylene is shipping to Hollywood to live her dream of a star.

The Good Guys (Fox)

The Good Guys is a buddy movie for the ages, about two officers in the most outrageous yet healing circumstances.

Freaks and Geeks (NBC)

While many assume that the conclusion of the 1999 Freaks and Geeks left a pretty cliffhanger, it seems to make up a significant part of the Lindsey Weir narrative arc.

Grandfathered (Fox)

Even if the sitcom lasts only one season, John Stamos and Josh Peck remain close friends. Now both of their fathers are also mates, their children.

10 Things I Hate About You (Freeform)

It was named after the late Heath Ledger and Julia Stiles and it was based on a romantic comedy in 1999.

Bunheads (Freeform)

Michelle’s (Sutton Foster) development spikes in the final of the dance drama with sophisticated dance series, total circle friendships, and victory. The young woman grew confident enough in her skin that even a denial (too) did not face her during a large ballet audition.

Take-Two (ABC)

Those behind the critically acclaimed series Castle Take-Two, Andrew W. Marlowe’s, and Terri Edda Millers are no match for the glamorous longing for Nathan Fillion. That said, thanks to his brilliant, lovely cast, it did a very good job of looping new spectators.

My So-Called Life (ABC)

Twenty-five years ago, for the special moment of this hit-teen drama, the young, spy, and talented Claire Danes and Jared Leto wrote the TV. The whole performance was the spike of adolescent anguish, the spike of young love, and the emblem of what a teenager feels like.

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