If you love shows based on The Karate Kid, then ‘Cobra Kai’ is a must-watch for you. The comedy-drama series ‘Cobra Kai’ has occupied a special space in the heart of viewers. The popularity of the show can be assumed from the fact that there is a long list of the people who just want to see Johnny Lawrence and Daniel LaRusso coming in modern days.

More you need to know

There are many things which make the show ’Cobra Kai’ great but yeah, we can’t stick to those things. They are some things that are shown pretty weirdly and don’t match with the ethics of the universe and would never going to happen if we talk about the real words. Here we are going to mention some eight weird things that you just have to accept.

Ownership of the bank given to Kreese by the landlord!!

It looks like a quick thrower to John Kreese. Besides giving the ownership to his assistant who was homeless, the landlord signed the property to Kreese as he didn’t have faith in Johnny and his abilities. 

Teens have learned Karate more-quick than expected!!

There is zero probability of getting a black belt in karate overnight. But the teens of Cobra Kai and Miyagi-Do showed they can do that too.

No involvement of the cops when people beating the hell out of others!!

If we leave the arrest of Johnny for beating the teens, the cops are found senseless. Several times the Cobra kai’s people have seen beating up but cops don’t do anything so is it fair to that?

Daniel’s overall Notoriety for karate as an adult!!

Seeing Daniel as a karate kid doesn’t surprise us at all. The thing which surprised is that adults around him often saying that they remember the champ winning decoded ago.

Miyagi-Do and Cobra kai’s performance in the tournament!!

Seeing other Dojo’s players lost to teens made a real and serious point of view is that fans don’t want to see him losing from to kids Johnnny and Miyagi-DO fans now. This sense hilarious.

Johnny ignores the internet completely!!

This is difficult to realize that how a person can ignore the internet in this period.

Hawk is being able to keep that insane tattoo under wraps!!

Getting an insane tattoo and able to hide it from the parents under wraps slightly sounds unrealistic.

Johnny and Daniel’s return to Karate with no step missing

Neither of Johnny and Daniel misses any single step. This shows them portraying a perfect return. 

Stay safe and stunned with us for more such details. 


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