Dollface Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot And Know More


Threesome equals Wholesome!! The Hulu comedy series “Dollface” is all about connecting with friends and spending quality time with them. It speaks of the new generation gal-pals. It surfaces all the aspects of female bonding, friendship in a very intimate and personal way. It deals with the women-centric issues that a girl faces in today’s time and space. It depicts the protagonist after being dumped by her boyfriend finding solace in her gal-pals. The emotional and physical recovery of the girl aided by her friends.  

The first season had premiered on November 15, 2019, on Hulu with a total of 10 episodes.

Dollface Season 2 Release Date

Web series has flooded the floors off-late. Most of the shows are of high value while others have average ratings. Hulu claimed that Dollface to be its best performing new binge series for subscriber entertainment, denoting the probability of the show to be renewed.

Hulu, though not very specific about the launch of the second season but sources say that the show was supposed to air by November 2020, which has been delayed due to the ongoing pandemic. Pushing the second season till 2021. Dollface Season 2 is scheduled to release in January 2021. If reconnected, Dollface Season 2 is likely to have 10 episodes.

Dollface Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot And Know More

Dollface Season 2 Plot 

The plot commences with Jules (Kat Dennings) being dumped by her long-time boyfriend turns back to her female friends. This sudden breakup, makes her realize that she has lost her girlfriends only to be engulfed with her boyfriend. Now being hurt, she reconnects with her gal-pals.  

The show elaborates on the plot of times and life of Jules and her group of friends depicting lively moments, laughter, and struggles they face together. In course with the flow of dramatic events, the ladies show up for Jules who gets arrested on looting a museum and is soon released. The three women collide with each other, with Madison charging Jules for confronting her about Colin. 

As crazy can things be, the show ends up with Madison exposing Colin for cheating on his wife, and the four friends stealing Ramona’s wedding Car to drive back to Los Angeles. Leaving the viewer clutching onto their seatbelts to anticipate the course of drama that may fall into Season 2.

Dollface Season 2 Main Cast 

We have Kat Dennings playing the protagonist Jules. Shay Mitchell plays Stella Cole, Brenda Song as Madison Maxwell, Esther Povitsky as Izzy.

So, get grab your share of popcorn and relax with roller coaster ride of emotions and bonding of these crazy gal-pals.


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