Riverdale Season 5: All Information About Official Announcements


Viewers get ready for another season at Riverdale, another unique kind of madness on the coaches waiting for them. It is in pipeline and it might be back in January. The CW confirmed that the storyline of the fifth season of Riverdale will be based on the Archie Comics. The fourth season is just over a few days before, so viewers are waiting to enjoy something more. 

Due to the pandemic of COVID 19, the fourth season of Riverdale was cut shorten, and the production has been shutting down in Mid-March. Actually, one of the crews of the production became affected by the Coronavirus and other crew members of the unit had to come in touch with that coronavirus patient.  It was decided to close the unit after episode 19 “Killing Mr. Honey,” and season 4 is ended with just 19 episodes, where 22 episodes were to be broadcasted. 

And now, another question in the mind of fans Is there Riverdale season 5?

So, let us find out the Riverdale season 5 release date and more

The producer confirmed in January this year that the fifth season is in discussion. This season will also be based on teen drama Archie Comics. They were trying to release the season5 of October 2020. But it cannot be possible in this situation of COVID 19. The premiere date of this season is being reconsidered by the producers. This season will also be released on Netflix. 

Riverdale season 5 casts: Who will be in it?

Viewers are hoping that the old cast rye will return to Riverdale season 4A. It is rumored that Jughead (Cole Sprouse) could leave the show very soon and the mystery of the show will not be solved until the end of the show. That’s why viewers are going crazy to see it next season. It is assumed that Camila Mendes, Madelaine Petsch, Lili Reinhart, Vanessa Morgan, Cole Sprouse will all be returned on Season 5. Hopefully, Casey Cott and Charles Melton will also come back.

Riverdale Season 5: All Information About Official Announcements

Skeet Ulrich has confirmed that he will leave the show after season 4 and will not be available for season 5. But his character will be available in season 5 also. however, no official announcement has been made so far.

Marisol Nichols had previously confirmed that he would be leaving the show after season 4, but he also announced that he will be returned to season 5 as Hermione Lodge. 

What to Expect from Riverdale Season 5?

After season 4 was cut short due to the pandemic of Corona Virus, the producers decided to wrap up the story of prom and graduation which was selected for season 5. Riverdale 

The plot of this season revolves around a mystery of a shadow that is hidden behind its perfect impression. According to the producer, throughout season 5 this mystery will be solved by the Archie group. 

So, keep your hopes high as more interesting insights are on your way.


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