LUCIFER 5 Latest Updates You Don’t Want to Miss


Fox premiered on January 25th, 2016, Lucifer, an American Urban Fantasy television series developed by Tom Kapinos based on the Dc Comics character. The series has already run for four seasons with 13,18,26 And 10 episodes in each season respectively. The fifth season is anticipated with 16 episodes and to be released by Netflix.  Netflix has taken over the series in the year 2019 from Fox which was premiering from 2016 to 2018. 

Viewers find the storyline beyond interesting and the casting awesome. The series pivots around a very beautiful and powerful angel who is cast out from heaven for betrayal then he becomes the Devil, the Lord of Hell for Millenia. The story becomes interesting as the devil gets bored in being the Lord of hell and seeks out to Los Angeles opposing his father in hell. 

The devil entertains the people of Los Angeles with his own Nightclub called Lux.  He gets the honor of being a consultant to the Los Angeles police department when he gets involved in a murder case with detective Chloe Decker.The series revolves around how both Lucifer and Chloe handle celestial and demonic threats that come to Los Angeles.The casting is awesome and features popular people. Tom Ellis plays the beautiful Devil who could bring out the truth from any subject and Lauran German plays the detective Chloe Decker who is immune to the charms of Lucifer.

LUCIFER 5 Latest Updates You Don’t Want to Miss

Scarlette Estevez characters as the daughter of Chloe who gets captivated by whims of Lucifer. Chloe’s Ex-husband is played by Kevin Alejandro and the role of the therapist who barters counselling for sex with Lucifer is played by Rachelle Harris. The minion maze is done by Lesley Ann Brandt and the Sauvé Angel by D B Woodside both of them trying to take Lucifer back to the kingdom of hell. Kevin Rankin plays detective Malcolm Graham who dies but is brought back from hell to kill Lucifer. 

Tricia Helfer plays Charlotte Richard and Aimee Garcia plays Ella Lopez a forensic scientist for the Los Angeles police department. Tom welling is portrayed in a character that wanders the earth with the mark of Cain as a lieutenant. In April 2020 the production of season 5 of Lucifer came to a halt due to the impact of Worldwide pandemic though the air date is not officially announced the viewers are waiting for the updates on the release date at the earliest.


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