Log Horizon Season 3: All You Need to Know

Log Horizon Season 3
Log Horizon Season 3

Hey anime fans out there gear up for some time updates are coming your way. The popularity of Anime amongst the fans and critics have made various shows famous. From exploring various genres to characters what is it that an Anime cannot do. These shows relate to us and the excellent storyline is irresistible. These shows are as catchy as any other drama we watch. 

Let us talk about a similar show called Log Horizon. 

This show has already produced two hit seasons and the producers are ready to bring to you the next season which is going to be full of action and drama very soon. If you have not started any Anime show yet this could be a good test trial for you. 

The first season of this show included 25 episodes which first aired on October 5, 2013, on NHK Educational TV. The second season of the show was aired on October 4, 2014. This also consisted of 25 episodes like the previous season. But season 3 will be less than half with just 12 episodes and the official name would be Log Horizon:

Log Horizon Season 3: All You Need to Know

Destruction of the Round Table.

After five years of long wait, we are going to have another season in October 2020. Are you excited? I am sure you are. And adding on to this good news all the cast and staff members are going to be the same. 

Storyline and Trailer

The show Log Horizon is based on a Japanese novel by Mamare Touno with the same name. The story of the series revolves around a Multiplayer game known as Elder Tale. Then the story begins as the players get trapped in this virtual environment of the game somehow. It shows the players struggle and journey ad how they deal with the new world. This thrilling series will see its third season to have the same storyline which will show the conclusion of the show. I understand your excitement but you will have to wait for the official release of the trailer for this new season. 

Don’t let your excitement die. The is not long until the show is released. Till then stay tuned and we will keep giving you more information and updates of your latest shows. 


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