9/11 Conspiracy Theories That Has No Answers Till The Date


We all are aware of how catastrophic disaster 9/11 took place. It was a string of 4 terrorist strikes by a gaggle named Al-Qaeda. This attack is the single most lethal terrorist assault in human history. 2,977 fatalities and 25,000 and more injuries followed by health problems were caused as a result of this fatal attack. 

In addition to that, 343 firefighters and 72 law enforcement officers lost their lives and not less than $10 billion of infrastructure and property damage.

 Many theories predict the planning and execution of this lethal assault on 9/11 against the world’s superpower i.e. the United States of America, includes group other than the terrorist group Al-Qaeda, and that some of the government officials had knowledge about the attack before it occurred. However, this theory was rejected.

One of the most distinguished conspiracy theory is that the reason behind the collapse of

the twin tower and 7 World Trade Center(WTC7)were the structure failure caused due to the impact of the aircraft and the subsequent fire.

9/11 Conspiracy Theories That Has No Answers Till The Date
9/11 Conspiracy Theories That Has No Answers Till The Date

The Pentagon Conspiracy

Another distinguished theory is that the Pentagon, for those who don’t know the Pentagon is the Headquarters tower of the U.S Department of Defense, was struck by a commercial airliner that was allowed to do so through the military stand-down or that the tower was struck by a missile which was set in motion by component from inside the U.S Government. 

Many other theories spin around the conspiracy theories which point out that the Government officials had the foresight of the strike, however, they ignored or aided the terrorists.

The claims made by the conspiracy theorist were investigated and discarded by the technology magazine Popular Mechanics and The National Institute of Standards and Technology(a.k.a NIST). 

However, a few groups disagreed with the theory claimed by the NIST and Popular Mechanics, which also included the Architects and Engineers for 9/11 truth.

CESSATION | 9/11 Conspiracy Theories

There is no confirmed theory about the attack as of now; these are just the attributes by the conspiracy theorists. This attack will be remembered for decades, and it was a very sad event for the United States of America and also for the whole world as many lost their lives in this attack.  

That’s all from 9/11 conspiracy theories, Stay Tuned, if you wish to know more about this tragedy.



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