90 Day Fiance Star Larissa Claps Back Hard At Fans Still Trolling Her Page


Hello Readers! Most of us had spent the whole year sitting at home due to the deadly corona virus and some of us are still at home! And we daily update the news about hot and sexy brand-spanking shows to vanish your boredom!

Today, we’re back with a spicy update about the dazzling star of the American reality series 90 Day Fiance named Larissa Dos Santos Lima. She is badly trolled by her fans on Instagram, fans doesn’t like her too much show-off of her body!

Let’s dig the details!

Well, we are certain that you are aware 90 Day Fiance is an American,  unique and romantic show reflectes the storyline on K-1 visa, a visa which tie couples in an unbreakable bond of marriage! 

This visa allows time for the couple to make arrangements for their marriage ceremony who had already signed the contract in which they have promised to marry each other! 

What’s the Relation Of Larrisa With This Show!

Larrisa, who is best known as Colt Johnson’s wife, discovers the cheating in her relationship get divorce after just 10 months of marriage amid accusations of cheating and domestic violence!

The situation is indeed saddening; however, life goes on!

Recently she’s dating Eric Nichols and wants to join the upcoming season of 90 Day Fiance!

Is she really trolled!

 Larrisa has weathered a ton of trolls on social media regarding her past relationship with Colt Johnson! 

She certainly became a contender when she was detained by ICE and fired by TLC in the same week because of hosting an adult-themed cam show in which she show-offs her body a lot!

Due to her awful background, she was removed from the show and her fans starts trolling her more! 

Initially she has over 430,000 followers on Instagram, however, now she has made an Only Fans account in which only her diehard fans will be there! 

Furthermore, to attract audience, she’s selling her own nude photos and after resigning from the show she wants, that her only fans should also leave the show!

Did She Replied to All the Trolls!

Yup, she gave a lengthy and fiery reply via Instagram post in which she overall revealed about the harassment and bullies she had gone through and wants to become independent to take the decisions of her life by herself! 

Let’s see will Larrisa be seen in the upcoming season of 90 Day Fiance or not!

Will she able to make her image clear in the future or not!

Hence, stay tuned and connected to know further details about the mesmerizing Larissa!


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