90 day Fiance: Why does Larissa change her IG from Public to Private?

Courtesy: Screen Rant

Former 90 Day Fiancé star Larissa Lima has never been shy about being fond of attention. After the Brazilian bombshell was released from her TLC contract for appearing in an online lingerie show, the 34-year-old has been working on other ways to keep her digital platform strong. It appears one way Larissa keeps her followers growing is by continually switching her Instagram account from public to private. Is this method effective?

Larissa first appeared on season six of 90 Day Fiancé alongside her now ex-husband, Colt Johnson. The fiery Brazilian frequently butted heads with eerily stoic Colt and his colorful family. The couple divorced after just six months of marriage after Larissa was arrested for misdemeanor domestic violence. Though her relationship with on-again-off-again boyfriend Eric Nichols was featured on 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?, TLC has since parted ways with Larissa. The mother of two has been staying busy with her many plastic surgeries and various online ventures, including a foray into gaming and posting new content on her popular OnlyFans. Larissa has claimed that she earns tens of thousands of dollars a month for the racy photos she shares with her paid followers. It seems the plastic surgery fanatic is using her Instagram to help promote her financially successful venture.

Since OnlyFans doesn’t have a page to browse different creators, people present on the app have to find different ways to advertise themselves. That is likely why Larissa so frequently shares information about her OnlyFans with her over 750K Instagram followers. This also makes it understandable why Larissa so frequently changes her Instagram profile from public to private. It appears as though the 34-year-old makes this change several times a day, as she often goes private when she sleeps and switches the profile from public to private throughout the day. While the choice has understandably left some fans confused, it is a classic technique used to get people to follow your account. Going public allows curious people to browse Larissa’s content. When they are locked out after she goes private, many people then choose to follow the account to continue to see her posts. Since Larissa shares paid partnerships, as well as her OnlyFans account, she has a strong financial incentive to increase interest in her Instagram page. 

According to SocialBlade, which charts growth on popular and public social media accounts, Larissa’s following has been steadily rising over the past few months. In the five months between August 3 and January 1, Larissa gained 281,580 followers on her Instagram account. Though Larissa is steadily increasing her followers, however, it is worth noting that she has a relatively low engagement rate of only 1.37%. This indicates that while she is bringing new followers in, not many of them are interested in commenting or liking her posts. Despite her large following, she receives a proportionally low 9,678.20 likes and 188.20 comments per post on average. This data is a little over a month old since it only updates when her profile is public, but it provides a good indication that Larissa’s method is working for growing her following.

Courtesy: Screen Rant

Since Larissa is no longer associated with the 90 Day Fiancé franchise, it makes sense that she is turning to other online ventures to keep her popularity high and the money coming in. Larissa, who famously received over $72,000 worth of plastic surgery, has stated she used her Cameo earnings to pay off the massive bill. Therefore, it appears as though the Brazilian bombshell knows how to grow a strong social media following and use it to her financial advantage.


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