The Boys Season 2 Grab all the news here On Interesting Plot and Cast


An American superhero anime web television series is a thrilling superhero action drama filled with lots of black comedy of  Garth Ennis and Darik Robertson comic book.Set in a world where super-powered individuals are known as heroes by the common public. They are owned and governed by powerful corporation Vought International, which also markets and monetizes them. 

Moving away from their heroic personalities, most of the men are arrogant and corrupt. The series focuses on two groups, The Seven, Vought International’s premier superhero team, and the Titular Boys who are vigilantes and controllers respectively. . The story takes you to how the two groups collide with each raising the conflict between the two groups. 

The Boys team is led by Billy Butcher, who hates all super-powered people, and the Seven’s team is led by the self-centred and wobbly Home lander. The series also depicts the story of the new members of each team like Hughie Campbell of the Boys. He joins the vigilante’s post his girlfriend is murdered by one of the members from the Seven’s. Another character Annie January / Starlight of the Seven, a young and confident heroine is forced to face the truth about the heroes she appreciates. 

The Boys Season 2 Grab all the news here On Interesting Plot and Cast

The show saw its debut on 26th July 2019 and after the massive success of the show, the makers were keen to go for season 2, and finally, the show got the much-awaited renewal for its second installment. The show makers confirmed that the shooting for season 2 is completed however the premier of the season could be delayed considering the pandemic. However, we can expect the series now somewhere in late 2020. 

We expect the same cast to be repeated in Season 2 with some new faces.  Stars from season 1 which can be seen again in season 2 will include Karl Urban as Billy Butcher, Jack Quaid as Hughie, Erin Moriarty as Starlight, Chace Crawford as The Deep with others. 

Stay tuned in for more updates and till then binge-watch season 1 on Amazon Prime. 



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