A 40 years old Rome man charged with hate crimes for racial slurs and much more.

A 40 years old Rome man charged with hate crimes for racial slurs and much more.
A 40 years old Rome man charged with hate crimes for racial slurs and much more.


  • Donald W. Decarolis charged for hate crime and multiple other crimes.
  • The truck owner reported that he found racial slurs and Swastika drawn all over his truck.
  • An individual reported that the 40 years old suspect is the neighbor of the victim.
  • Currently, Donald W. Decarolis is under police custody for vandalism.

Inside Story

Cops accused a 40 years old male suspect from Rome of multiple crimes. According to the sources, the court charged the man with multiple hate crimes for deflating the tires of a U-Haul truck and defacing it with a Swastika. Some websites and police officers also revealed that he also wrote some racial slurs. Recently, the cops took Donald W. Decarolis under custody.

The vandalism on the truck was discovered by cops at a house on First Street in the city of Rome. The police said that the vandalism was reported on September 5. The owner of the truck stated that he found a Swastika on his truck. He also reported that N-word was scrawled on his vehicle. Investigators also reported that they found one of the tires slashed. Later on, the Rome Sentinel said that the 40 years old man was the neighbor of the truck owner.

Investigation Report

The investigators reviewed the case and accused the 40 years old for multiple charges. The cops charged him with two counts of fourth-degree criminal mischief, a felony with a hate crime designation, as well as first-degree aggravated harassment. He is also charged for hate crime and without the designation.

Apart from that, Donald W. Decarolis was also charged with fourth-degree criminal tampering as well as making graffiti on somebody else’s vehicle. Moreover, he got released after getting arraigned in Rome town court.

In a news release, the Rome Mayor as well as the Police called the 40 years old actions as a heinous hate crime. Furthermore, they said that the city would not tolerate such activities and hate against other people. They added they would prosecute such crimes done by any individual to the full extent of the law.

Final Words

Hate crimes are increasing day by day. Law enforcement should take strict actions against those who are spreading negativity in society. People like him will surely learn a lesson and avoid committing such heinous activity.

We will be back with more news about this case. Keep an eye on our website for more authentic crime news.


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