A “bittersweet” season 6 finale is teased by the Lucifer cast.


 After the widely awaited final season of the fantasy drama, Tom Ellis and Lauren German predict that fans would be “sobbing.”

It was described as “bittersweet” by both the titular devil and detective Chloe Decker in advance of the show’s September 10 debut, telling fans there would be both happy and sad moments in the next new chapter.

Ellis told TV Line in an interview that, “I hope they’ll be crying, I hope they’ll be sobbing. But at the same time, I’m hoping that their hearts will be overflowing with delight simultaneously.”

You’re right, and I believe it’s fulfilling, you know…” according to German, “Bittersweet is a perfect way to describe the finale. In my opinion, it’s not cheating if fans get what they desire.  Even though nothing is glossed over or oversimplified, I believe they will ultimately see what they want to see.”

To save Chloe, Lucifer travelled to Heaven in the final episode of Season 5, where he sacrificed himself to establish his status as the new God. Following the previous film, we’re reunited with the former Lord of Hell as he tries to accept his new responsibilities in the forthcoming movie.

“It’s been a wonderful trip for Chloe and Lucifer so far, but this season is new territory for them because they’re working together as a team,” Ellis said. ” They’ve never encountered anything like that before, and it’s a testament to all we’ve worked for up to this point.”

As German continued, “We’re all in this together, and we’re always there for each other.  Like any other marriage, there are good and terrible times, but we’re finally together, and there’s a lot for us to work on as a team and strive for.”

“Lucifer” Seasons 4 and 5 are already available on Netflix, whereas “Lucifer” Season 6 Amazon Prime Video has seasons 1-3 available. We love Tom as Lucifer, and we are so excited for the last season and sad that Lucifer’s era will finally end.



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