A Concept Art Reveals the Deleted Thanos Vormir Attack Scene In Avengers Endgame



  • Fans of Avengers Endgame finally got to see the deleted side scene of Thanos attack in Vormir.
  • The concept of art revealed Thanos appearing in Vormir to stop Hawkeye and Black Widow from taking the Soul Stone.
  • The filmmaker’s initial plans were to add a fight scene in Vormir, but they replaced it with an emotional scene where Natasha dies.

Inside Story

Marvel fans were upset when they realized that one scene of Thanos in Avengers Endgame got removed. But now they can get to see the deleted scene through the concept of art. According to the sources, the unseen art will reveal in Avengers Endgame, Thanos would have confronted Hawkeye and Black Widow on Vormir.

In the last film of Phase 3, the remaining Avengers from went back in time to find all the infinity stones and destroy it before Thanos finds it and wipes half of the universe. Each member of the team traveled to specific locations in the Universe where stones are located. Hawkeye and Black Widow went back in 2014 to take the Soul Stone.

When they arrived at the cliff, Red Skull said that one of them must be sacrificed to gain the Soul Stone. Both Hawkeye and Black Widow both are ready to sacrifice themselves, but in the end, Natasha gives a sacrifice after a small fistfight with Hawkeye. Her death echoes a similar incident that happened in Infinity War where Thanos sacrifices his daughter Gamora.

This moment occurred in an alternative timeline in 2018, which means that the three characters (Hawkeye, Thanos, and Black Widow) never cross paths. However, the unseen art by Ryan Meinerding, who is Marvel’s Head of Visual Development reveals that may not have been the case.

The art reveals that during the early stages of the movie production, Thanos would have arrived on Vomir and attacked Hawkeye and Black Widow and stop them from taking the Soul Stone.

In the concept art, the duo is seen hiding behind some rocks. And then, Thanos looms in the background. Even Hawkeye star Jeremy Renner had said to the fans about the alternate Vormir scene. He revealed that the creator’s initial plan was to involve a fight between Thanos and a team of aliens. Watch the complete concept art below.


Unfortunately, the epic scene got deleted in favor of a teary scene where Black Widow dies. Sadly, fans did not get the chance to see the classic battle where two most skilled humans would fight against the badass villains.

It could have created more tension among the fans. But Endgame had enough bloodbath and action for a blockbuster, so in the end, it was a wise decision to delete that scene. If you haven’t seen the full art scene yet, then you can check it by clicking here.

Stay tuned for more updates.

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