A fan imagines Henry Cavill in the role of James Bond


After the extended delay of No Time to Die, Daniel Craig is definitely going to be remembered as James Bond 007 for a long time. Though we know that this will be his last appearance as James Bond, therefore the world has to continue with a new face for James Bond. There are a lot of suggestions for the new face of James Bond, one of them is former Superman and Sherlock Holmes Henry Cavill.

This suggestion was made long before and a fan tried to recreate what that would look like. A fan on Instagram named spdrmnkyxxiii used recent Netflix’s Enola Holmes movie poster in which Cavill starred as Sherlock and made it look like James Bond movie and it definitely looked nice.

Here’s what the post read, “What was released yesterday was a #sherlockholmes poster. What i saw was a #Jamesbond poster.


With #danielcraigs run coming to an end. @henrycavill is the perfect actor to take up the mantle. His charm really it.

Who do you think should be the next #007.”

Now to everyone’s knowledge, Henry Cavill has never revealed that he is going to play James Bond 007. In the early September 2020, he did say that if the producers wants him to play James Bond, he won’t miss the chance. Of several suggested names when some actors were asked that if they are interested in playing James Bond, they quickly denied.

If the scenario have been somewhat different then Henry Cavill might have taken Daniel Craig’s role. If is previous audition with director Martin Campbell for Casino Royale had gone well, then we might had the chance to see him in the role.

While there are several guesses for the name of new James Bond we never know who might end up playing the actual one. For more details, do check back.

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