A Fish Has Defeated Pokemon Ruby & Sapphire


The Pokemon fan used numerous of their pet fish to win the play. Although it took them umpteen tries to take down Steven Stone. They were able to defeat him as well as the game after around 3,185 hours in all. This is the Japanese audience that posted in a successful tweet. 

So guys the new thing is that a fish has defeated Pokemon Ruby as well as Saphire Pokemon that is the thing that you don’t hear in routine. A Japanese Pokemon fan had spread up a way for their pet Siamese combating by using its tank to map the controls. The fish, after 3k hours of playing, was lastly able to defeat the game.

The Pokemon fan live-streamed on their YouTube channel in June. It first appeared one of his pet fish who had even played over 700 hours of the game. It is at the time by bathing around its tank which had been divided into many sections.

Along with a single segment connecting to sure buttons. To track the fish’s activities, a camera with tracking was set up to map its activities. This activity directly fed back into a lapboard linked to a Nintendo Gamecube. 

After five months, the fish has even beaten the Hoenn region with the Hoenn Champion, Steven Stone on a last showdown live stream. One of the fans who use Twitter @ Skeletondoggy, posted on Twitter about the success as it occurs with snapshots of the fish combating the last Pokemon instructor. 

The Pokemon fan used many of their pet fish to defeat the play. Although it took them numerous tries to take down Steven Stone and they were able to defeat him. The play after around 3,185 hours in all that the Japanese audience posted in a victory tweet. 


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