A grateful Kate Garraway praises co-star for assisting with her family’s vacation.


As part of her thank you to Susanna Reid, Kate Garraway praised her for returning to work early so she could take her children on a much-needed vacation.

She announced that Reid, who wasn’t anticipated to return until September, would be standing in for her the following day so that she could spend time with her daughters Darcey and William.

“Susanna, thank you so much. She’s been incredibly helpful. “Before describing how tough it has been to plan a vacation knowing that her husband Derek Draper, who is still fighting COVID and has to remain inside the home due to it. 

“I just had a small window of time during which everyone could come and see Derek and take the kids away from home. But he’ll also need nurses, “she went on to say.

“We’re all feeling a little sad about leaving on vacation without him. I pondered if it would be too odd to accomplish that if it were even possible. So let’s go for a little while so that we can return rejuvenated.”

Garraway opened up about Draper’s rehabilitation earlier this month, more than a year after being admitted to the hospital in early 2020.

As she explained to her colleague Dr Amir Khan, “I know Derek is an extreme example, but there are always more concerns.” In the beginning, there seemed to be some tiredness, but now it appears that more of them are presenting. Good Morning Britain is shown on ITV. 



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