A Halloween Pastime Becomes Competitive on ‘Outrageous Pumpkins’ These are the only eye candy (pun intended) you will need this Halloween

A Halloween Pastime Becomes Competitive on 'Outrageous Pumpkins' These are the only eye candy (pun intended) you will need this Halloween

Food Network is embracing the freak ahead of Halloween month in time for the finale! The network has lined up its seasonal shows and looks like the journey from here on out is only going to get bigger, nastier, and spookier. 

Having lined up 35 hours of freaky special, the most to ever exist, the shows will celebrate Halloween in all its true spooktacular glory as they feature bone-chilling edible artistry. 

About the show:

One such show to feature as a Halloween special will be Outrageous Pumpkins. The show will feature seven contestants fighting for the Best Wicked Pumpkin crown as they showcase their sculpting prowess.

The four-part series will see the seven contenders participate in two challenges every week with major twists and turns to present they’re far than extraordinary jack o’ lanterns and in turn eventually win a cash prize of $25,000. SWEET!

Judging Panel: 

Sitting on one of the judging hot seats will be former Disney Imagineer and American puppeteer and artist.

The 63-year-old has previously worked as a sculptor for Ghostbusters, Dinosaurs, The Flintstones, The Indian in the Cupboard, and The Country Bears. The puppeteer-artist has also contributed to attractions at Disneyland Paris and Splash Mountain.

Master pumpkin carver and sculptor Ray Villafane will accompany Hardin as the other guest judges. The 51-year-old is known for his 3D pumpkin carvings, action figures sculpting, sand and ice sculptures, and many more.

In 2007, he previously appeared on the first season of Outrageous Pumpkins as a contestant and won the grand prize along with winning all the three rounds. 

In 2009, the sculptor appeared once again to defend his title and yet again, won Outrageous Pumpkin Challenge II. Villafane made a record of carving the world’s largest pumpkin that resembles a zombie in 2011. 

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Hosting the show will be How I Met Your Mother star, Alyson Hannigan. The actress hosts Food Network’s Girl Scout Cookie Championship and will return once again as a host for Outrageous Pumpkins

Speaking in an interview about the show, Hannigan said that Halloween holds a special place in her heart which is why she jumped at the opportunity.

The actress further shared that it was the competitive aspect along with the creativity in the show that excited her during the filming. Although her carving skills aren’t nearly as good, Hannigan did reveal that Outrageous Pumpkins taught her a lot of tips and tricks. 




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