A major character in Rick & Morty season 5 is queer

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Season 5, Rick and Morty, begins with Beth and Jerry in a surprisingly pleasant place, as Chris Parnell says, “a sex-positive place.” He goes on, and that’s true, but perhaps even diehard fans couldn’t have guessed exactly what it would be like to “grow” in particular in this season. “It’s fun to witness this connection alter and develop and grow.

“Mort Dinner Rick Andre” introduces us to the hatred of their children in a much more sexual way than we have seen before. So, when Mr Nimbus, AKA The Ocean King, asks whether they’re ready for a threesome, Beth and Jerry do.

Even the possible ‘orgasmic death’ stated by the documentation of the starfish does not put them off for much. And while Morty’s storey is at the heart, Beth and Jerry come back briefly at the end of the talk about safe words outside the door of Nimbus.

Source: Yahoo

There was already considerable conjecture before this episode that Jerry could be queer. This is primarily thanks to the two-episode “Total Rickall” in the second season, in which Jerry maintains a relationship with Gary.

Although Jerry was still horrified to find that this recollection was a fabrication implanted by a parasite, that Sleepy Gary did not genuinely exist. He intended to die beside Gary first, assuring Beth that he will need time to recuperate from the loss before he could be intimate with her again.

Although this was due to the emotional necessity of Jerry and to Jerry’s desperate yearning for affirmation, this did not appear exactly like the journey of an even character. Three seasons later, Jerry eventually acted in a threesome with Beth and Nimbus on his queer wishes.

Does a one-off session, though, indeed prove Jerry is queer? Inevitable naysayers may point out that he is obsessed with Beth, but he’s not straight. Jerry’s enthralled with Nimbus and is even worried about the Sea King at one point.

That wouldn’t make Jerry the first LGBTQ+ character to emerge in this show, and even though we’re there, he’s not the first member of the Smith family to declare himself. Most viewers probably don’t know, but Rick is canonically queer himself. Do you remember when he had sexual relations with a whole planet of aliens in the second season? Or how about the moment when he played bondage games in someone person’s fantasy with a male gnome?

Rick’s pansexuality is pretty lightly included, and the queerness of Jerry is portrayed similarly. Labels seldom use, and when these arcs of the LGBTQ+ experience emerge, nobody fights an eyelash. Thus, it is great to see yet another show expand its storyline and become more relatable for the youth.

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