A man from Rosenberg arrested for raping a female victim.

A man from Rosenberg arrested for raping a female victim.
A man from Rosenberg arrested for raping a female victim.


  • A man from Rosenberg was charged by the court on raping a woman.
  • The lady reported that she kept saying no, but he continued.
  • After a week, the male suspect went to the cops and said that he thought the woman wanted sex.

Inside Story

On Tuesday, a man from Roseburg was taken under custody after raping a female victim at his apartment. The cops arrested Serek Rae Garza on first-degree sexual abuse, first-degree unlawful sexual penetration, first-degree rape, as well as two counts of first-degree sodomy. The woman told the cops that she met the suspect at Planet Fitness in Roseburg. 

The 28 years old reached out for the woman on a social media app called Snapchat. Court documents say that then, both began talking online. Later on, on September 11, two decided to meet at Garza’s apartment in northwest Roseburg. They both talked and listened to songs, and then Garza stood up and held out his hand.

The victim told cops, that she thought he offered to dance with her. But the 28 years old grabbed her hand and took her to his bedroom. The victim told the man that she did not want sex. The 28 years old responded with a short answer ‘that’s fine’, but he continued to touch her inappropriately.

Then, the suspect persistently continued his sexual advances, despite her pleas. The woman could not overpower the man, and she kept telling no to the 28 years old. That upset the man, and she felt threatened by the violence and thought that the only way to get free from Garza is by requesting him.

Investigation Report

After one week, when the victim reported the crime, the man went to the Roseburg Police Department to discuss the incident. He told the cops that the victim began showing him nude pictures while they were hanging out at his home.  He thought that they had some chemistry.

According to the court’s documents, he also thought that by showing him nudes, she might be into him sexually. He also told the cops that the woman kept on saying no, but he thought some girls change their minds when things get heated during the foreplay. Later on, the 28 years old was arrested and sent to Douglas County Jail and set a $1.8 million bail.

Final Verdict

The court charged Garza with six charges for his 11 crimes. The sentences include for the crime like first-degree unlawful sexual penetration, which will carry a minimum punishment of 100 months in jail. Also, he will be serving 75 months in prison for a first-degree sexual crime.

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