A Man Was Stabbed By His Son While Others Watched On Zoom

A Man Was Stabbed By His Son While Others Watched On Zoom
A Man Was Stabbed By His Son While Others Watched On Zoom

A man was stabbed to death by his son while on a conference call via Zoom, a video call application via computer or cell phone, with about twenty people on Thursday afternoon, according to Long Island police (New York).

The victim was named Dwight Powers, 72, and lived on Dixon Avenue in Amityville, Suffolk County, New York, near South Oaks Hospital.

Her son, Scully Powers, 32, jumped out of the second-floor window of the house where the two lived and fled.

He ran down a highway, entered a store, and tried to clean his blood with bottles of Dr. Pepper, according to authorities. An hour later, the police arrested him.

At least one of Zoom’s call participants had called 911 to report the event. He saw how the young man entered the room and began to beat his father and return with a knife, according to prosecutors. The crime happened just afternoon.

A Man Was Stabbed By His Son While Others Watched On Zoom
A Man Was Stabbed By His Son While Others Watched On Zoom

Participants in the video call claimed to have seen the victim at the meeting and then suddenly disappeared from the screen. Others described the man who attacked him, which coincided with the characteristics of the detainee.

“They just noticed it falling off the screen and then they heard a loud breath,” Detective Kevin Beyrer from the Suffolk County Police Homicide Squad described.

The son confessed Friday to stabbing his father about 15 times in different parts of the body and using different knives to make sure he was dead.

Suffolk County District Attorney Timothy D. Sini called this case “shocking and disturbing” and said the murder is still under investigation.

Scully Powers pleaded not guilty to the murder charge on Friday and, due to the confinement measures required by the pandemic, appeared before the judge via video conference, according to the district attorney’s office.

The son, who tried to hide his father’s body, stated that his father had started the fight and that he tried to cut him in the wrist.

He was hospitalized Thursday night to treat the minor injuries he sustained when he jumped out the window.

But now he’s being held at a Riverhead Correctional Facility, charged with second-degree murder and no bail, he faces a maximum sentence of 25 years to life in prison if convicted. Next Tuesday, a preliminary hearing will be held.

The killer’s attorney, Jonathan Manley, told the Times that the defense would be exploring his client’s mental health and abilities in relation to this incident.

He had previously been charged with third-degree criminal damages for shooting a pizza parlor and had also violated the terms of his probation.

He was also charged with reckless third-degree recklessness for allegedly shooting a firearm, a matter that remains pending, according to the prosecutor.

The victim was a marine in Vietnam and worked as a customs agent. He was also part of a rock band and was a volunteer for Habitat for Humanity.

Steve and Mary Englert, 67, and friends of Powers for more than 40 described him as “a very devoted father.” He enjoyed the “Memorial Day”, which is celebrated this Monday, and marched in the parades.

In many cities across the country, complaints of domestic violence increased in March. With more than 96% of Americans homebound, some cities experienced significant increases in domestic violence.


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