A must-read before watching Stowaway

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A philosophical twist is awaiting in Stowaway and you don’t want to miss something that can let you catch up with it!!

The accidental hitchhiker is welcomed into the manned mission to Mars by the trio of scientists who is then shown the ropes of being an astronaut. However, things turn against the trio when they realize that the ship’s life support systems have been accidentally hampered by their new friend onboard. The situation is gruesome having just the right amount of air that would suffice three people inside.

They are left on their own to take some difficult decisions for their survival. More importantly, it’s not just about survival so to speak. Think deep and you’ll get to the roots. The crew may have invested years and years into this project just to test the red planet and ultimately make it habitable for humans to survive, nourish, and build an environment of their own.

Source: ScreenCrush

The new twist is likely to pave the way for some exciting thrilling action sequences and not to mention a tense atmosphere to inject the nail-biting experience that we have been missing all this while from Stowaway. The film that is gearing up to land on Netflix is a brilliant piece of Joe Penna and Ryan Morrison. The duo is popular for the chilling 2018 survival drama the Arctic. They seem to have been obsessed over the drama that explains the importance and meaning of survival in the most explicit yet enthralling way!

In addition to that, the pair recently made another revelation concerning their latest adaptation that the Arctic was earlier written as a film set on Mars. However, they couldn’t continue with their plot due to budget issues and had to revert back to the snowy sets of Iceland instead. The film was a huge success though and that helped the pair to explore their movie-making talents further and return to their space story with Stowaway this time.


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