A new box office record has been set by Black Widow.

Source : looper

The first MCU film since 2019 is Marvel’s Black Widow, and while Disney+ shows tidy fans, they want the extensive screen experience. Therefore, it is not surprising that the solo outing of Natasha Romanoff struck the record in box offices for the pandemic era.

As reported, the film produced an estimated $80 million on its first weekend at the U.S. box office, a smash of the previous Fast 9 record holder, which saw the film’s debut at around 70 million dollars.

Similarly striking was Black Widow’s International Box Office, with another $78 million revenue from 46 non-U.S. regions.

Source : nme

But we hear you ask, what about the Disney+ numbers? Well, streaming services are unusual to confirm those amounts formally, but House of Mouse has recorded that the film was paid for Premier Access worldwide for almost $60 million.

Overall, in its debut weekend, Black Widow gained at least $218 million. To compare, on its opening weekend in the pre-pandemic era, Spider-Man: Far From Home received €580m worldwide.

You can go through the film with the film in Disney+ to see if you can see all eggs and all references from Easter. Black Widow is currently on the stream, streaming with Premier Access in U.K. and U.S. theatres.



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