A new original series for Netflix: 1899


If you have been having a growing obsession towards period dramas then there is some heavy good news for you. We are pretty sure the one series that has made you fall in love with period dramas is Bridgerton and here’s something having the same feel and taste of it. Fans of that show have become quite very well accustomed with a historical twist and the credit undoubtedly goes to Netflix’s Regency-era drama.

The audience has thoroughly enjoyed every moment when Lady Whistledown and a certain Duke of Hastings made an appearance on the screen. But no matter how good the storyline is and no matter how well you have been satisfied by that series, it is safe to say that your dose of Regency would still remain incomplete, isn’t it?

That is why Netflix is back again with a similar genre-based story that has been titled 1899. The series is created by the creators of the famous sci-fi series Dark. You are bound to witness heavy dialogues in the series as this series is termed as a horror film that can be set in the setting of Pirates of the Carribbean. The instance came into the picture because there is a boat journey involved wherein European travellers would be making their way from London to New York in a migrant boat.

During their journey, all of them come across another ship that has showed up with the motive of changing their lives altogether. Netflix has just released a teaser as of now. And that is basically to just keep you teased. No full fledged trailer has been out as of now. But we are certain to experience the movie soon. Are you excited?


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