A new trailer for Holby City has been released following the shocking return of Cameron Dunn.


As seen in the latest episode of Holby City, Cameron Dunn (Nic Jackman) made a surprise return, and it appears he has some unfinished business. This evening (August 24), Cameron returned to Holby City as part of Eli’s stent study after being absent since March.

Hastily hoping that Eli will alter his mind or that a more acceptable candidate will be found because she was haunted by Cameron’s trail of destruction when he was at Holby. His obsession with her Will she can maintain her composure and not let the past interfere with her treatment of the patient?

Because of this, Chloe’s reaction to his return was unexpected, and she pleaded with Eli to use someone else instead. While in the hospital, Cameron sought to show that he had changed, even suggesting that being a part of the trial was like getting a “collective redemption.”

Cameron ridiculed Chloe, saying it was all her fault. The episode finished with Cameron on the run after he managed to escape from his hospital bed. Immediately after the episode aired, the soap published a new trailer showing that the newly-freed Cameron plans to harm Chloe.

When Nic Jackman talked about Cameron in March, he said he had a great time. “It’s been a blast portraying him. The fact that a character in a programme like Holby could be so dark for such a long period was incredibly bold. The fact that you were provided that information is rare. It was a tremendous threat, and the steak was delicious, “he retorted.

“I jumped right in, and I’ve enjoyed playing the bad guy thus far. As a result, it’s good that I can talk about it now. Knowing how dark he is, I’ve had to hide so many secrets for so long. So the fact that we can finally talk about it makes me very happy.” Holby City airs on BBC One every Tuesday.


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